Pounds for Points SJ League (4 of 12) – 22.10.14

Another superb nights jumping at Laurel View on October 22nd, a big thumbs up to everyone who came along and took part and to all those who ended up taking home the rosettes a virtual round of applause to congratulate you for coming out on top of the very strong competition.

Show Jumping League (4 of 12)


1st Laurel View Guinness, Ellie Templeton; 2nd Laurel View Marley, Monica Conlon; 3rd Laurel View Tally, Bronte Reid; 4th Laurel View Peggy, Zara Davis; 5th Laurel View Tyson, Niamh Sloan; 6th Laurel View Bruno, Chloe Baxter.

1st Probably Not, Judith Templeton; 2nd Laurel View Rab, Sarah Saied; 3rd Laurel View Dusk, Claire Gilchrist; 4th Laurel View Johnny, Natasha Lowry; 5th Jazz Horses Sydney, Sarah Newell; 6th Laurel View Guinness, Ellie Templeton.

1st My Blue Eyed Boy, Brooke Ronan; 2nd Chief, Cora McNulty; 3rd Bruce, William Ferguson; 4th Laurel View Silver, Katy Clarke; 5th Mixed Up Maggie, Katy Henderson; 6th Bliss, Tiarna Drake.

1st Ashantih Dream, Jamie-Leigh Wilkin; 2nd Snippet, Natasha Henderson; 3rd Star Statiz, Natasha McKernon; 4th Jeronamo, Emma-Louise Gourley; 5th Freedoms Fire, Chloe Clarke; 6th Bliss, Tiarna Drake.

1st Snippet, Natasha Henderson; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Hovis, Shauna O’Connell; 4th Tirna, Jennie Marshall; 5th Freedoms Fire, Sophie Christie; 6th Silly Sally, Katie McDonnell.

1st Gerrard Diamond, Lauren Beck; 2nd Mulligan’s Masterpiece, Robert Boggs.