Pounds for Points SJ League (2 of 12) – 8.10.14

Despite extremely damp weather, there was an excellent crowd at the Wednesday evening jumping on the 8th October. Once again Laurel View Riding School students were out in force, scary now quickly they have been bitten by the show jumping competitive bug! An excellent evening of jumping resulted in the following placings:-

Show Jumping League (2 of 12)




1st Laurel View Barney B, Kirsten Davis; 2nd Shooting Star, Jay Boyd; 3rd Laurel View Tally, Bronte Reid; 4th Connie, Cormac Creagh; 5th Laurel View Peggy, Zara Davis; 6th Laurel View Marley, Monica Conlon.



1st Probably Not, Judith Templeton; 2nd Laurel View Dusk, Claire Gilchrist; 3rd Laurel View Kate, Kat McQuillan; 4th Tag, Allison Matthews; 5th Abbey, Anya Skilling; 6th Laurel View Cherry, Kate Spence.



1st My Blue Eyed Boy, Brooke Ronan; 2nd Star Statiz, Natasha McKernon; 3rd Bruce, William Ferguson; 4th Daisy, Catherine Stewart; 5th Josh, Emma McLean; 6th Chief, Cora McNulty.



1st Elmo, Tiarna Drake; 2nd Ashantih Dream, Jamie-Leigh Wilkin; 3rd Jeronamo, Emma-Louise Gourley; 4th Star Statiz, Natasha McKernon; 5th Bruce, William Ferguson; 6th Tirna, Jenny Marshall.



1st Elmo, Tiarna Drake; 2nd Jeronamo, Emma-Louise Gourley; 3rd Silly Sally, Katie McDonnell; 4th Oscar, Nikki McNeice; 5th Jamara, Michaela Murphy; 6th Tirna, Jenny Marshall.



1st Mulligan’s Masterpiece, Robert Boggs.