Pounds for Points SJ League (12 of 12) – 18.12.19

Windy, wet and a generally disgusting night for the final night of the Winter Pounds for Points League. Well done to all those that made it along to take part.


Show Jumping League (12 of 12)




45cm –1st Willow, Toby McCrea; 2nd Guinness, Cassie McMaw; 3rd Robe Archie, Bertie McCrea; 4th Barney, Ava Karolyi.


55cm – 1st Jasper, Georgia Rea; 2nd Toby, Emma Sargent; 3rd Guinness, Cassie McMaw; 4th Toby, Ellen McGinley.


60cm – 1st Robe Archie, Bertie McCrea; 2nd Willow, Toby McCrea; 3rd Sam, Jessica McConnell.


70cm – 1st Star Choice, Faith Black; 2nd Shadow, Laura Ruddy.


80cm – 1st Ben, Rebecca Mullan.


90cm – No finishers.


1m – 1st Nipper, Catherine Buchanan.