Pounds for Points SJ League (10 of 12) – 4.12.19

December 4th and a big boost in numbers of competitors particularly in the 55cm class. As is inevitable things didn’t go quite to plan for everyone, but those named below were in good form, earning themselves ribbons for their efforts and also notching up points on the scoreboard. Only two more competitions remain in the current league, when we will all discover whose consistent efforts places them in the top league positions, but for now, take time to appreciate the sterling efforts of this evenings winners.


Show Jumping League (10 of 12)




45cm –1st Dapple, Mark Ross; 2nd Sam, Jocelyn Willis; 3rd Barney, Ava Karolyi..


55cm – 1st Laura, Angela Kernohan; 2nd Blake, Rachael Foster; 3rd Viking, Arielle Allen; 4th Willow, Toby McCrea; 5th Robe Archie, Bertie McCrea; 6th Harry, Annie Morrow.


60cm – 1st Robe Archie, Bertie McCrea; 2nd Cha Cha, Tabitha Allen; 3rd  Willow, Toby McCrea; 4th Zuko, Mel Gibson; 5th Leo, Siobhan Clarke; 6th Harry, Annie Morrow.


70cm – 1st Titch, Luca Moore; 2nd Star Choice, Faith Black; 3rd Bonnie, Jack Morrow.


80cm – 1st Bonnie, Jack Morrow; 2nd Pippa, Cora McNulty; 3rd Belle, Ben Foster; 4th Oz, Luca Moore.


90cm – 1st Belle, Ben Foster.


1m – None forward.