Pounds for Points SJ League (1 of 12) – 2.10.19

That’s the Winter Pounds for Points Show Jumping league off to a flying start. Lots of keen competitors, both new and experienced, eagerly came along on the first Wednesday in October to give show jumping their best shot.

Everyone got their turn in the arena under Geraldine Lowry’s watchful eye. Well done to everyone who saddled up to give it a go. Don’t worry if you are not in the top spots on this occasion, plenty more opportunities to come back and clock up some points.

Thanks to all the competitors and their teams for their support of our competition and to all the Laurel View team for setting up the course and keeping things running or rather, jumping!


Show Jumping League (1 of 12)




45cm –1st Volvo, Bertie McCrea; 2nd Willow, Toby McCrea; 3rd Pippa, Laura Loughlin; 4th Barney, Ava Karolyi; 5th Jasper, Georgia Rea; 6th Toby, Emma Sargent.


55cm – 1st Pippa, Laura Loughlin; 2nd Jack, Ellen McGinley; 3rd Ben, Rosie Graham; 4th Tony, Amelia ?; 5th Barney, Alice Lutton.


60cm – 1st Colourado Kid, Jayne Robinson; 2nd Brian, Tori O’Hara; 3rd Tony, Amelia ?; 4th Toby, Amy-Lee Hanvey.


70cm – 1st Brandy, Nieve Anderson; 2nd Oz, Luca Moore; 3rd Titch, Amelie Moore; 4th Monty, Faith Black; 5th Murphy, Lucy McDowell; 6th Rock Steady Eddie, Hollie Riddell.


80cm – 1st Rock Steady Eddie, Hollie Riddell; 2nd Ike, Sam Jackson; 3rd Paddy, Anna Jackson; 4th Oz, Luca Moore; 5th Willow, Ben Foster; 6th Ben, Rebecca Mullan.


90cm – 1st Blue, Gracie Bright.