Pounds for Points SJ League Final – 17.12.14

The very popular Pounds for Points Show Jumping League at Laurel View came to a very abrupt and premature end when the lights went out at the start of the final on 17th December.


The 45cm class was nearing completion when the emergency lighting was put to the test, Chloe Baxter and Bruno who were jumping at the time not surprisingly parted company. Further investigation revealed that a crucial fuse had decided it was time for lights out and despite considerable efforts to get a suitable replacement nothing could be done to regain lighting in the main arena that night.  So the 45cm jumpers who had made it round beforehand were placed and then the points in the league calculated for all the competitors that had turned up to compete at the final.


Competition had remained strong throughout the league, so those qualifying competitors that ended up at the top of their class had really earned their winnings. The Laurel View team were delighted to have the support of the many competitors throughout the league and can’t wait to do it all again in the spring.


The 11th March and the eight week Spring Show Jumping League will not be long in coming round. Before then on Wednesday evenings there is a busy agenda of clinics and training organised, including Eric Smiley sessions, Flat Work and Show Jumping clinics as well as the start of our British Horse Society Preliminary Teacher Training course.



Show Jumping League (12 of 12)





1st Laurel View Tally, Bronte Reid; 2nd Laurel View Keady, Chloe Kincaid; 3rd Laurel View Tyson, Niamh Sloan; 4th Laurel View Guinness, Ellie Templeton; 5th tie Laurel View Marley, Monica Conlon and Laurel View Bruno and Chloe Baxter.


And then the lights went out!!


Show Jumping League Results


45cm league

1st tie Laurel View Bruno, Chloe Baxter and Laurel View Guinness, Ellie Templeton; 3rd Laurel View Tally, Bronte Reid; 4th Laurel View Tyson, Niamh Sloan; 5th Laurel View Marley, Monica Conlon; 6th Marty, Louise Delaney.


60cm league

1st Laurel View Rab, Sarah Saied; 2nd Probably Not, Judith Templeton; 3rd Laurel View Guinness, Ellie Templeton; 4th Laurel View Tally, Sarah Chesney.


70cm league

1st Chief, Cora McNulty; 2nd Star Statiz, Natasha McKernon; 3rd My Blue Eyed Boy, Brooke Ronan; 4th Daisy, Catherine Stewart; 5th Delilah, Alison Larkham; 6th Daisy, Molly McCullough.


80cm league

1st Star Statiz, Natasha McKernon; 2nd Ashantih Dream, Jamie-Leigh Wilkin; 3rd Tirna, Jennie Marshall; 4th Chance, Joel Clements.


90cm league

1st Silly Sally, Katie McDonnell; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Snippet, Natasha Henderson; 4th Tirna, Jennie Marshall.


1m league

1st Mulligans Masterpiece, Robert Boggs; 2nd Snippet, Natasha Henderson.