Pounds for Points Show Jumping League (4 of 8) – 30.3.16

The 30th March and the fourth night of the Spring Show Jumping League already. Time fairly flies when you’re having fun.

Read on to see how the worthy winners list looks



45cm – 1st Bubbles, Kim Moore; 2nd Laurel View Rab, Connie Duncan; 3rd Laurel View Bruno, Sasha Mateer; 4th Laurel View Tally, Monica Conlon; 5th Laurel View Silver, Megan Greer; 6th Tinks, Mark Ross.


55cm – 1st Laurel View Rab, Connie Duncan; 2nd Laurel View Lass, Kat McQuillan; 3rd Tinks, Holly Ross; 4th Bubbles, Kim Moore.


60cm – 1st Roxy, Rachael Hughes; 2nd Laurel View Addy, Claire Gilchrist; 3rd Amber, Georgia Osprey.


70cm – 1st Laurel View Kate, Natasha Lowry; 2nd Heather’s Boy, Lauren Wasson; 3rd Laurel View Silver, Kate Spence.


80cm – 1st Billy, Rebecca McWhinney; 2nd Pippa, Cora McNulty; 3rd Heather’s Boy, Lauren Wasson; 4th Pippa, Sarah McCarthy.