Pounds for Points Show Jumping League (4 of 12) – 28.10.15

A few witches and ghosts managed to creep out tonight again to welcome regulars and some we haven’t seen in a while, all are most welcome and hope to we didn’t spook you, or the witch in the shop cast any spells on you!!

These are the folk that didn’t get spooked and ended up on top of the scoresheet.

Show Jumping League (4 of 12)




45cm – 1st Laurel View Bruno, Shannon Duffy; 2nd Laurel View Tyson, Niamh Sloan; 3rd Lara, Chelsea Robinson; 4th Patricia, Alison Bell; 5th Roxy, Rachel Hughes; 6th Laurel View Connie, Cormac Creagh.


60cm – 1st Magherbans Star Gazer, Grace-Ann Elliott; 2nd Millie, Katy Clarke; 3rd Amber, Georgia Osprey; 4th  Laurel View Tally, Monica Conlon; 5th Laurel View Bailey, Claire Gilchrist; 6th Laurel View Silver, Katie Mann.


70cm – 1st Delilah, Alison Larkham; 2nd Pippa, Cora McNulty; 3rd Magherbans Star Gazer, Grace-Ann Elliott; 4th Clover, Zara Craigs; 5th Laurel View Cindy, Zara Davis; 6th Laurel View Cherry, John Rymer.


80cm – 1st Mayo, Morgan Skillen; 2nd Rock Steady Eddie, Hollie Riddell; 3rd Laurel View Silver, Kate Spence.


90cm – 1st Fairy Lodge Gold, Alison Larkham; 2nd Mayo, Morgan Skillen; 3rd Leisha, Rachle Black; 4th Rock Steady Eddie, Hollie Riddell.


1m – No takers