Pounds for Points Show Jumping League (10 of 12) – 7.12.16

Another super night of show jumping, great to see a few new faces joining the competitors, always helps to keep the competitive spirit going. Here are the results from the 10th leg of the league. The final is just round the corner now on the 21st December.



Pounds for Points Show Jumping League

(10 of 12)




45cms – 1st Silver, Megan Greer; 2nd Rab, Holly Hanvey; 3rd Marley, Jessica McClelland; 4th  Cecil, Caralan Barclay; 5th Guinness, Cally McWhirter; 6th Keady, Ashley Wray.

55cms – 1st Silver, Megan Greer; 2nd William, Grace Handcock; 3rd Barney, Monica Conlon; 4th Cecil, Caralan Barclay.

60cms – 1st Delilah, Grace Ann Elliott; 2nd Silver, Sasha Mateer; 3rd Tally, Connie Duncan; 4th Major, Sarah McCelland; 5th Guinness, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 6th Laura, Rebecca Smyth.

70cms – 1st Farley, Ryan Anderson; 2nd Delilah, Grace Ann Elliott; 3rd Dawn, Lana Turner; 4th The Grey, Hannah Chambers; 5th BFG, Margo McClure; 6th Monrow Star, Rocco Cairns.

80cms – 1st Katie, Benjamin Gilmore; 2nd Tomboy, Gracey Bright; 3rd Farley, Ryan Anderson; 4th Monrow Star, Rocco Cairns; 5th Pippa, Cora McNulty; 6th Skylark Express, Cathy Delargy.

90cms – 1st Percy, Tyler Houston; 2nd Minto, Katie-Lee Houston; 3rd Katie, Benjamin Gilmore.

1m – 1st Minto, Katie-Lee Houston; 2nd Percy, Tyler Houston.