Pounds for Points Show Jumping (6 of 12) – 7.11.18

After the torrential rain for what seemed like 20 out of 24 hours we were surprised when competitors didn’t turn up in boats, with flippers on their horses. Another excellent night of jumping, with some lovely partnerships and teamwork earning the top spots. Keep those double clear rounds coming to clock up the points in the Pounds for Points Show Jumping League now that we are at the halfway mark. Thanks to everyone for their support and we hope to see you all again very soon. Maybe even on Sunday for the Jump X Challenge.

Show Jumping League (6 of 12)




45cm –1st Maisie, Ariel Allen; 2nd Keady, Rosie Hawthorne; 3rd Rab, Helen Gage; 4th Guinness, Laura Loughlin, 5th Simba, Anna McCavana.


55cm – 1st Laura, Claire Gilchrist; 2nd Delilah, Karen Brown; 3rd Guinness, Emma Sargent; 4th Lass, Hayley Rolston.


60cm – 1st William, Grace Handcock; 2nd Delilah, Karen Brown; 3rd Poppy, Hannah Robinson; 4th Toby, Tori O’Hara.


70cm – 1st Charlie, Emma Davies.


80cm – 1st Percy, Tyler Houston; 2nd Cindy, Zara Davis; 3rd Apache Warrior, Jean Topping.


90cm – 1st Percy, Tyler Houston; 2nd Katie, Benjamin Gilmore; 3rd Dawn, Lana Turner; 4th Pippa, Cora McNulty.


1m – 1st Dawn, Lana Turner; 2nd Katie, Benjamin Gilmore.