Pounds for Points Show Jumping (5 of 8) – 5.4.17

Another night of jumping successfully over, with some competitors making their first appearance in this league. Hopefully you will be back soon for some more show jumping.



Show Jumping League (5 of 8)




45cm –1st Trooper, Emma Wallace; 2nd Roly, Ashley Wray; 3rd Roly, Finn Doherty.


55cm –1st Rab, Holly Hanvey; 2nd Ajay, Jayne Robinson; 3rd Delilah, Karen Brown; 4th  William, Grace Handcock.


60cm – 1st Dapple, Holly Ross; 2nd Dexter, Katie McIlhatton; 3rd Guinness, Amy-Lee Hanvey.


70cm – 1st Dapple, Holly Ross; 2nd Dreamer, Rhona Wilkinson.


80cm – 1st Lexi, Alison Larkham; 2nd Pippa, Cora McNulty; 3rd Lily, Alison Larkham.


90cm – 1st Billy, Rebecca McWhinney; 2nd Lexi, Alison Larkham.