Pounds for Points Show Jumping (3 of 12) – 17.10.18

What a superb night of show jumping? Lots of lovely rounds with plenty of clear rounds being added to the league scoreboard. Tonight Judith Aitken kindly took up position in the judges box and we thank her for her time and expertise.

A long list of worthy winners follows, thank you everyone for your support and congratulations to all the class winners listed. We hope to see you again over the upcoming Wednesdays as the Winter Pounds for Points Show Jumping League continues.



Show Jumping League (3 of 12)




45cm –1st Maisie, Ariel Allen; 2nd Rab, Helen Gage; 3rd Keady, Rosie Hawthorne; 4th Whisper, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 5th Marley, Eve McGreevy; 6th Guinness, Emma Sargent.


55cm – 1st Townend Lionheart, Chloe Brophy; 2nd Delilah, Karen Brown; 3rd Rocky, Matthew Morton; 4th Barney, Ashley Wray; 5th Laura, Finn Doherty; 6th Coan, Joel Peoples.


60cm – 1st Poppy, Hannah Robinson; 2nd Delilah, Karen Brown.


70cm – 1st Joni, Megan Carville; 2nd Tom Boy, Gracie Bright; 3rd Prince, Toby Davison.


80cm – 1st Percy, Tyler Houston; 2nd Susie, Gracie Bright; 3rd Sally, Steven Wilson; 4th Joni, Megan Carville; 5th Cindy, Zara Davis; 6th Star, Becky McBride.


90cm – 1st Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd Sam, Bradie Hogg; 3rd Ranger, Joel Peoples; 4th Katie, Benjamin Gilmore; 5th Lara, Katie-Lee Houston; 6th Romeo, Rocco Cairns.


1m – 1st Katie, Benjamin Gilmore; 2nd Lara, Katie-Lee Houston; 3rd Romeo, Rocco Cairns; 4th Hijinx, Emma Blair; 5th Ty, Bradie Hogg.