Pounds for Points Show Jumping (1 of 12) – 3.10.18

Well we are off to a great start with the first night of the Winter Pounds for Points Show Jumping league going very well for most competitors. Great to see the enthusiasm, healthy nerves and good natured competitive spirit.  Who were the first winners of the winter league?



Show Jumping League (1 of 12)




45cm –1st Guinness, Emma Sargent; 2nd Rab, Helen Gage; 3rd Keady, Rosie Hawthorne; 4th Laura, Finn Doherty; 5th Whisper, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 6th Connie, Hayley Doyle.


55cm – 1st Luke, Amy-Lee Hanvey.


60cm – 1st William, Grace Handcock; 2nd Poppy, Hannah Robinson; 3rd Poppy, Ashley Wray.


70cm – 1st Prince, Toby Davison; 2nd Poppy, Ashley Wray; 3rd Cindy, Sasha Mateer; 4th Judy, Amelia Bannon; 5th Paddy, Chloe Stewart; 6th Tia Maria, Alison Smith.


80cm – 1st Woodrow Rosewood, Erin McCrea; 2nd Star, Becky McBride; 3rd Paddy, Chloe Stewart; 4th Cindy, Zara Davis; 5th Laid Back Dude, Stephanie Fox.


90cm – 1st Katie, Benjamin Gilmore; 2nd Pippa, Cora McNulty; 3rd Percy, Tyler Houston; 4th Hijinx, Emma Blair; 5th Prince, Toby Davison.


1m – 1st Hijinx, Emma Blair; 2nd Katie, Benjamin Gilmore.