Outdoor Derby League (4 of 5) – 10.8.14 – cancelled

Thanks Bertha, due to her arrival at Laurel View we feel it is pointless running the league competition today.  Qualification status for final now reduced to one previous appearance.  Anyone who wishes to school over the course is still welcome to come ahead. Staff will be available in the yard to book you onto the course.  Hopefully she won’t hang around long and folk will be able to school over the course tomorrow in better conditions.

The next leg of the Derby League is on the calendar for Sunday 10th August. It will be run on grass if at all possible, but if conditions aren’t right we will move to the large all weather arena.  A 12.30pm start time for competitors tackling the 60cm course first.  Next will be the 70cm, 85cm and finally the metre class.  Remember £2 from every entry paid, goes into the prize fund for that class at the league final.  To qualify to compete for the class cash stash at the final, competitors need to have competed in the same horse/rider combo over the same height at least twice during the league before the final itself. If you are interested in schooling over the derby course after the monthly competition, or indeed the cross country playground contact the office on 028 9083 0649 to book a slot.