Novelty 3 Phase – 3.8.14

I was off on my jollies when this event was on, apparently it was a very enjoyable afternoon and folk are already looking forward to the next one on 23rd November. The scores for the Le Trec tasks, Obstacle Dressage and Barrel Agility were all added up to see who had accumulated the least penalties.  Here’s the way the results ended up 🙂

Novelty 3 Phase


Class 1 – 14 yrs & under – Assisted
1st Rocky, Grace Morton

Class 2 – 14 yrs & under – Unassisted
1st Pedro, Katelyn Irvine
2nd Ajay, Lauren Hill
3rd Silver, Chloe Kincaid
4rd Bob, Chloe Baxter
5th Guinness, Ellie Templeton

Class 3 – 15 yrs +
1st Cheyenne, Karina McVeigh
2nd Sha Khan, Joy Hegarty
3rd Tally, Diane Sefton
4th Schumi, Simon Wylie
5th Jodie, Alison Stewart
6th Tinker, Sarah Saied