Novelty 3 Phase 20.10.13

Fun and games at Laurel View on Sunday 20th October at the Novelty 3 phase event.  Competitors had been promised that no jumping was required and any tests could be learnt on the day. The Le Trec Challenge was set up in the smaller indoor and there were seven different tests to tackle.  Obstacle Dressage was in the larger indoor and had the competitors ride in and out of bendy poles, round the cones, as they navigated their way round the course.  Then when everyone had had a go at the Obstacle Dressage, the course was whipped away and the barrels appeared, so that the third phase could get underway. Once the riders had figured out which direction to circumnavigate the barrels then we were all sorted for a flying finish, the scorer couldn’t manage to keep up on the calculator.  But the numbers were soon added and verified and the following results were announced.


Novelty 3 Phase




Class 1 – Assisted

1st Rocky, Grace Morton; 2nd PJ, Emma Bamford; 3rd Tigger, Hannah Robinson; 4th Chester, Tammy Marsden.


Class 2 – 12 years and under

1st Ozzie, Sophie Winn; 2nd Flint, Sophie Winn; 3rd Laurel View Bob, Chloe Baxter; 4th Darcy, Katie Bamford; 5th Laurel View Peggy, Ellie Templeton; 6th Laurel View Sparky, Erin McCrea.


Class 3 – 13 – 17 years

1st Brandy, Lois Larmour.


Class 4 – 18 years and over

1st Dino, Geraldine Lowry; 2nd Tifftarney Clyde, Wendy Forsythe; 3rd Fitz, Christine Cuthbertson; 4th Blue, Amanda Davison; 5th Mountcharles Boy, Diane Jones; 6th Laurel View Marley, Christine Smyth.


Special Mentions

Nifty Fifties!

1st Tifftarney Clyde, Wendy Forsythe; 2nd Fitz, Christine Cuthbertson; 3rd Bridget, Diane Sefton.


Best Rein Back – Fitz, Tommy Haddick


Slowest Barrel Agility Time – Laurel View Sparky, Erin McCrea.