Novelty 3 Phase – 12.3.17

Not exactly a big crowd for the Novelty 3 Phase competition, but the fun and atmosphere was not in short order. The competitors had a great time, serpentining around the poles and circling the cones in the Obstacle Dressage, in the Le Trec Challenge, they made the corridor and trailer loading look simple, with the rein back proving the most challenging task in this phase, then everything was rounded off at speed with the Barrel Agility. Scoring from judges Gerry Lowry and Laurel Faloona, put together with the barrel agility time, resulted in the following very happy winners.  

Novelty 3 Phase



12 yrs & under

1st Sparky, Mollie Fisher; 2nd Matilda, Hannah Kernohan.


13 yrs + over

1st Dusk, Robert Davis; 2nd Jonathan, Natasha Lowry; 3rd Guinness, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 4th Rab, Holly Hanvey.


Perhaps next time we run this competition, more will come along to give it a go, as it is a great event for fun and challenge combined.