Lessons with Tim Downes FBHS

Northern Ireland Riding Clubs are pleased to announce that Tim Downes FBHS will be giving flat lessons at Laurel View on Sunday 13th February.

For more info and cost please contact:- Shelagh Laird

Tel: – 07711 664096

Email: – shelaghlaird@aol.com

Tim Downes is a freelance equestrian coach based at Ingestre Stables in Staffordshire UK, one of the country’s leading equine training establishments.  As a coach he is much in demand from all levels of rider both at home, and in as faraway places as Hong Kong and New Zealand, where he is a regular guest.

Tim coaches from the belief that it is essential for the horse to be educated to understand the requirements of the rider, and that it is every rider’s responsibility to constantly develop their skill level to aid better communication with their horse.

With over 30 years’ experience as a coach, a competitor and a judge, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and ability to his clinics, and has a practiced simplicity in his methods of explanation and demonstration.

Tim is happy to teach all types and levels of rider on all types of horses.  Regular clients include riders from all equestrian disciplines from first horse owners through to international competitors.

Tim is a Fellow of the British Horse Society, an FEI solidarity trainer, an international 3 day event judge, a BHS chief examiner, a list 2A dressage judge and has competed to a high level in all three Olympic disciplines.