Laurel View Riding School Christmas Show

A fabulous day of festive fun was had at the annual Laurel View Riding School Christmas Show. Great team work, enthusiasm and support was the order of the day. Many of the competitors nervously attempting their first ever horse riding competition. Festive decorations adorned the show jumps, and festive drinks and treats were there to tempt the competitors and their many supporters. Many remained to the end for the prize giving, but if you don’t know where your team ended up, read on to see. Prizes for the first six teams, if the winners weren’t present to claim them, have been safely stashed in the shop until your next visit.

Riding School Christmas Show Results



1st team – Emme Morrison, Roly; Sophie Montgomery, Bob; Grace Gillen, Sparky; Rebecca McWhinney, Billy.


2nd team – Charlie Granleese, Marley; Tori O’Hara, Guinness; Heather McGarvie, Tally; Natasha Lowry, Kate.


3rd team – Holly Hamill, Sparky; Cally McWhirter, Guinness; Lucy McMahon Beatty, Rab; Katie Watt, Cindy.


4th team – Chloe Smyth, Keady; Kellie Weir, Marley; Sarah Saied, Cindy; Kirsty Marsden, Chester.


5th team – Kiera James, Sparky; Wilma Farquahar, Johnny; Brian Johnston, Johnny; Katie McDonnell, Flynn.


6th team – Amy Magee, Roly; Rosie Graham, Marley; Sasha Mateer, Silver; Katie McDonnell, Kate.


7th team – Penny McWhirter, Roly; Seaneen Keenan, Barney; Erin McCrea, Silver; Cora McNulty, Pippa.


8th team – Alara Terak, Laura; Frances McLaughlin, Rab; Madison Patton, Barney; Claire Gilchrist, Belle.


9th team – Alex Moore, Peggy; Tori Jones, Keady; Oliver Elliott, Connie; Katie Watt, Cherry.


10th team – Rachel Bruce, Bob; Megan Greer, Silver; Amy-Lee Hanvey, Guinness; Kate Spence, Blue.


11th team – Kyla Ruddock, Bob; Emma Sargeant, Connie; Monica Conlon, Tally; Simon Wylie, Cindy.


12th team – Finn Doherty, Connie; Holly Hanvey, Rab; Chloe Chesney, Barnaby; Rebecca Gillen, Martini.