Laurel View Easter Show

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Easter Show 13


Sunday 7th April

Entry fees: – £8 per class or £20 for 3 classes

Arena 1: Commencing 10.30 am

Class 1:      “Bunny Hops with help!”             (max 30cms)

Class 2:      “Bunny Hop”                                    (max 45cms)

Class 3:      Novice Pony                                     (max 60cms)

Class 4:      Open Pony                                         (max 80cms)

Class 5:      Pony Accumulator

Arena 1: Approx. 1.30 pm

Class 6:      Ponies &/or Horses Pairs Relay        (novice 65cms & open 80cms)

Class 7:      Novice Horse                                    (max 70cms)

Class 8:      Open Horse                                       (max 90cms)

Class 9:      Horse Accumulator

Arena 2: Commencing 11 am

Class 10:    Family Pony Lead Rein           (obstacle course)

Class 11:    Family Pony Unassisted           (obstacle course)

Class 12:    Young Handler                        (Lead your pony round obstacle course)


Enquiries to 9083 0649 or