Just Jumping – 12.7.15

The 12th of July proved to be another ideal opportunity to go “Just Jumping” at Laurel View, a good turnout of competitors give it a go, to see if they could earn cashback for clear or indeed win the class and jump for free. Everyone has another chance at this comp on Sunday 6th September starting again at noon with the 45cm class and then going up, right through to a metre.






1st Roly, Anna Magee; 2nd Rocky, Grace Morton; 3rd Guinness, Ellie Templeton; 4th Bruno, Chloe Baxter.



1st Rocky, Grace Morton; 2nd Polly, Therese Doherty; 3rd Tally, Monica Conlon; 4th Guinness, Ellie Templeton; 5th Roly, Anna Magee; 6th Bruno, Chloe Baxter.



1st Spiffy, Victoria Graham; 2nd Rocky, Donal Galvin; 3rd Rab, Bethany Orr; 4th Lass, Natasha Lowry; 5th Cindy, Zara Davis; 6th Mighty Marty, Louise Delaney.



1st Justice, Myah McLean; 2nd Lisbane Duno, Amy Willis; 3rd Pippa, Cora McNulty; 4th Annaghs Prince, Katie McDonnell; 5th Thatcher, Octavia Wilson; 6th Ula, Carol Moorhead.



1st Justice, Myah McLean; 2nd Jeronamo, Emma-Louise Gourley; 3rd Ula, Carol Moorhead; 4th Annaghs Prince, Katie McDonnell; 5th Bella, Fiona Corry; 6th Tasha, Jenny Ferris.



1st Sonny, Grace Doherty.



1st Sonny, Grace Doherty.