Jumping Results 9th March

Spring is definitely in the air and folk around Laurel View have certainly got a spring in their step now that the Jumping Leagues are well underway.

The show jumps were dusted off for training shows on 2nd March with the Leagues getting underway on the 9th.  Both the SJI and Unregistered Spring Points League run for 8 weeks in total.

There is still plenty of time yet to make your mark in the leagues, with both registered and unregistered leagues continuing each Wednesday until 27th April.  Things warm up in the morning with 80cm training from 11am to noon, followed by the SJI league classes from 80cm through to 1.20m.  The jumps then drop down again to 60cm at 6pm for the unregistered jumping, which continues through the heights to 1m.

For details on the jumping leagues or any of the activities at Laurel View check out the website on www.laurelview.co.uk


SJI League – 9th March 2011

Double Clears

80cm – Jools Jewel, Emma Lloyd; Bens Lady Lux, Shannon Mackenzie; Maximus, Colin Halliday

90cm – Jools Jewel, Emma Lloyd; Creevagh Cashmere, Colin Halliday; Cyrano Buttercup, Helen Pearson-Murray; Imperius Aldatus, Shannon Mackenzie; Quality Beach, Amy Black; Tia Maria, Rebecca Hooks; Call Me Callie, Alice Wilson; Bens Lady Lux, Shannon Mackenzie;

1m – Tia Maria, Rebecca Hooks; Strathall, Ryan Hopper; Loughview Diamond Clover, Judith Sossick; Shantaras Girl, Ruth Irvine.

1.1m – Shantaras Girl, Ruth Irvine; Cornascriebe Kings Master, Colin Halliday.

1.2m – No double clears.

Unregistered Points League – 9th March 2011

60cm – 1st Lucas, Connie Jordan; 2nd Laurel View Rab, Sophie McGuckin; 3rd George, Paula McMaster; 4th Guinness, Simon Wylie; 5th Rosie, Lauren Hunter; 6th Laurel View Oliver, Claire Gilchrist.

70cm – 1st Mason, Zena Martin; 2nd Xsara, Joanne Wood; 3rd Rosie, Lauren Hunter;4th George, Paula McMaster.

80cm – 1st Cara, Nick Jordan; 2nd Ozzie, Simon Wylie; 3rd Flick, Alison Larkham; 4th Tinker, Stephanie Harper; 5th Xsara, Joanne Wood; 6th Chestnut Hill, Ann Hill.

90cm – 1st Miki, Mandy Spears; 2nd Cara, Nick Jordan.