Jump X Challenge

A new competition at Laurel View with a little Xtra.

Xtra fences, Xtra fun and the X fence option! 

The fun begins at 12.30pm with fences set at 50cm, – the X fence, might be a little bit higher or wider, basically just a little bit more challenging.

Successfully clearing the X fence, grants the competitor minus 4 faults, so worth a gamble perhaps if you haven’t got an entirely clear round, or just if you fancy a bit of an Xtra challenge!

Competitors who finish with a clear round will earn themselves £2 cashback and winning a class with 7 or more competitors will allow the winner a full refund of entry fee.

Courses will increase in 10cm increments from 50cm to 1m.

What’s the cost of taking part? £12 per class or 2 classes for £20 with the same horse/rider combination.

Are you up for Jump X Challenge?