Jump X Challenge – 9.10.16

The end of another busy day at Laurel View, starting off with lessons with visiting BHS instructor Carole Broad.  In the afternoon the Jump X Challenge took centre stage. The first folk to face the X fence were the 50cm competitors, quickly followed by the 60cm and on up in 10cm increments rounding off the afternoon with the 90cm. As always some had more difficulty with the twists and turns than others, but in the main the competitors and their steeds demonstrated their ability and agility and used the X fence to their advantage, with many ending up clear and earning a couple of pound back. Those winning the larger classes were even happier as they ended up winning their entry fee back.

Well done to everyone who took on the Jump X Challenge and congratulations to those who claimed the top places.

50cm – 1st Armelina, Brooke Young; 2nd Tinks, Holly Ross.


60cm – 1st Armelina, Ellie Templeton; 2nd Bridge, Reah Magee; 3rd Rocky, Ellen Jayne Hill; 4th Dapples, Holly Ross; 5th Belle, Claire Gilchrist.


70cm – 1st Giovanni Warrior, Jay Boyd; 2nd Magherbans Star Gazer, Grace Ann Elliott; 3rd Cindy, Zara Davis; 4th Tifftarney PJ Gold, Wendy Forsythe; 5th Sophie, Lauren Court; 6th Jori, Kat McQuillan.


80cm – 1st Giovanni Warrior, Jay Boyd; 2nd Lhiram, Adrian Cherry; 3rd Margie, Erin Faloona; 4th Sophie, Lauren Court; 5th Kate, Natasha Lowry.


90cm – 1st Monty, Kerrie Irwin; 2nd Sunny, Kerrie Patton.