Jump X Challenge – 4.2.18

Who rose to the challenge at the Laurel View Jump X Challenge? Horses and riders jumped over a tricky course of show jumps and working hunter style fences before deciding whether or not to take their chance at the X fence. Successfully clearing it could eradicate 4 faults already accrued or shave 2 seconds off an already clear round, but tackling it unsuccessfully could cost the rider a further 4 points and possibly their winning rosette. It all helps to make things a little more interesting and challenging. The watching crowd encouraged competitors to give it a go. Who did the challenge work out for?



50cm – 1st Delilah, Karen Brown; 2nd Maggie, Shannon McClurg; 3rd Indie, Jersey Magill; 4th Haribo, Amelia Bannon.

60cm – 1st Flynn, Amber Bradley; 2nd Pearl, Linda Nelson; 3rd Delilah, Karen Brown; 4th Maggie, Shannon McClurg.

70cm – 1st Belle, Charlotte Marshall; 2nd Copper Bella, Katie Flanaghan; 3rd Flynn, Amber Bradley; 4th Saved by the Bell, Becky McBride; 5th Laid Back Dude, Stephanie Fox; 6th Alfie, Louise Beggs.

80cm – 1st Copper Bella, Katie Flanaghan; 2nd Belle, Charlotte Marshall; 3rd Ellie, Taryn McClurkin; 4th Saved by the Bell, Becky McBride; 5th Mavis, Niamh Sloan; 6th Laid Back Dude, Stephanie Fox.

90cm – 1st Shooting Star, Nadia Scanlon; 2nd Fairylodge Gold, Alison Larkham; 3rd Pip, Anna Jackson; 4th Mavis, Niamh Sloan.

1m – 1st Shooting Star, Nadia Scanlon.