Jump X Challenge

Laurel View has been having communication problems with the virtual world lately, so apologies for not posting this sooner!
On Sunday 9th October the Xciting Jump X Challenge is back with Xtra fences, Xtra fun and the X fence option!

Come and find out what this is all about, but to give you a bit of an idea, we will have SJ jumps and WH fences and then the X fence, a little bit bigger, a little bit more challenging and acts like a joker fence.

Successfully jumping it can minus 4 faults on the course you have jumped 🙂 or if you jumped clear a second off your time.

If you end up clear at the finish then you win £2 cashback. Win a class of 7 or more and we will give you your class entry fee back.

£12 per entry or 2 for £20 (same horse/rider combo)

Jumping over course heights of 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 1m.