Jump X Challenge – 13.3.16

Something just that little bit different the Laurel View Jump X Challenge. A mix of 12 coloured show jumping and natural working hunter style fences, before competitors had the choice to make, will they or won’t they take the Jump X Challenge. Clearing it could make 4 faults disappear, or shrink a second off a clear round time, but then you could decide to jump it and things not go quite according to plan, decisions, decisions.

Read on to see who rode the challenge well and their choices brought them out on top.


Jump X Challenge




1st Tamara, Emma Bamford; 2nd Spiffy, Victoria Graham; 3rd Murphy, Rebecca Douglas-Brown; 4th Toffee, Ella Lindsay; 5th Rocky, Grace Morton.



1st Tamara, Emma Bamford; 2nd Dot Dot Dash, Dawn Reeve; 3rd Murphy, Rebecca Douglas-Brown; 4th Spartacus, Laura McKay; 5th Laurel View Tally, Claire Gilchrist; 6th Alfie, Susie Carson.



1st Prepare for Glory, Sasha Wilson; 2nd Rafina D’Egree, Joyce Scott; 3rd Magherbans Star Gazer, Grace-Ann Elliott; 4th Dot Dot Dash, Dawn Reeve; 5th Missy, Amanda Barr; 6th Dancer, Tracey Manson.



1st The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 2nd Loughview Clover Jones, Tracey Lockhart; 3rd Laurel View Sly, Katie McDonnell; 4th Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 5th Inca Spurs, Louise Irvine; 6th Missy, Amanda Barr.



1st Ricos Patience, Patricia Feeney.



1st Canterbury Lady, Lyndsey Young; 2nd Ricos Patience, Patricia Feeney.