Jump X Challenge – 12.6.16

Thanks to all who came to have a whirl at the Jump X Challenge on the 12th June. The 50cm and 60cm seen the strongest competition, with quite a few jumping in their first competitive partnership. The well designed course built in the all weather arena, give just the right amount of navigational decisions with off course the xtra big X fence giving the adrenalin rush to finish.

Taking the ribbons and for those that finished clear the extra bonus of £2 cashback were





50cm – 1st Cree, Ellis Platt-Lea; 2nd Rab, Lorraine Irwin; 3rd Tinks, Holly Ross; 4th Red Cloud, Laura McKillen; 5th Dorie, Hannah Drummond; 6th Star, Abby Gill.


60cm – 1st Missy, Lauren Carville; 2nd Silver, Kendal Smith; 3rd Cree, Ellis Platt-Lea; 4th Tifftarney PJ Gold, Wendy Forsythe; 5th Izzy, Amiee Wilson; 6th Busby, Megan Carville.


70cm – 1st Missy, Lauren Carville; 2nd Lhiram, Adrian Cherry; 3rd Jean Jeans, Steven Green; 4th  Silver, Kendal Smith; 5th Izzy, Amiee Wilson.


80cm – 1st Sunny, Kerry Patton; 2nd Betty, Catharine Henderson; 3rd Pippa, Cora McNulty; 4th Lilly, Alison Larkham, 5th Rory, Katie McNeilly, 6th Jean Jeans, Steven Green.


90cm – 1st Betty, Catherine Henderson; 2nd Fairy Lodge Gold, Alison Larkham, 3rd Kate, Natasha Lowry.