Jump X Challenge – 11.11.18

We have definitely had busier jumping afternoons, but the Jump X Challenge was a great afternoon for most of the competitors, especially those who earned the rosettes below and particularly those that jumped round clear and took home a couple of pounds cashback.




50cm – 1st Guinness, Emma Sargent.


60cm – 1st Star, Colleen Murtagh; 2nd Raven, Gregory Grainor.


70cm – 1st Arctic Eclipse, Robyn Catterall; 2nd Star, Colleen Murtagh; 3rd Raven, Gregory Grainor; 4th Apache Warrior, Jean Topping; 5th Annie, Stephanie Farren; 6th Susie, Nicola McKee.


80cm – 1st Arctic Eclipse, Robyn Catterall; 2nd Apache Warrior, Jean Topping.


90cm – 1st Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd Apache Feather, Aislin Captain.


1m – 1st Indian Sky, Lauren Brooker.


Plenty more jumping opportunities at Laurel View, with the Wednesday evening jumping continuing and the Christmas Show coming up on 9th December. Carry on jumping at Laurel View 🙂