January Jump Start – 6.1.19

Competition got off to an excellent start at the January Jump Start competition. Very strong competition in many of the classes, with the additional competitive edge for those aiming to qualify for the Dengie Pony Club Show Jumping competitions this Spring. Those managing to keep the hooves away from the poles to score a double clear, received a welcome £2 cash back from their entry fee and in the classes with 7 or more competitors, the winner won back their entry fee. Making for a bright and positive start to the 2019 Laurel View Competition Calendar.

Congratulations to all the winners, best wishes to those qualifying to go forward to the Pony Club Dengie Area Finals and many thanks to one and all for their support at this competition.





1st Reilly, Lucas Bradley; 2nd Keady, Rosie Hawthorne; 3rd Rab, Helen Gage; 4th Keady, Erin Johnston; 5th Marley, Eve McGreevy; 6th Belle, Lucas Young.



No finishers



1st Alex, Aine Clancy; 2nd Lottie, Erin McCoy; 3rd Poppy, Hannah Robinson; 4th Jack, Holly Hanvey.



1st Killeshin Bambino, Taylor McKnight; 2nd Lislard Joni, Megan Carville; 3rd A Class Act, Anna McLean; 4th Reilly, Amber Bradley; 5th Lottie, Erin McCoy; 6th Flynn, Amber Bradley.


Dengie 12 & Under Novice Qualifiers

Killeshin Bambino, Taylor McKnight; Lislard Joni, Megan Carville; Lottie, Erin McCoy



1st O’Hara’s Dream, Katelyn Irvine; 2nd A Class Act, Anna McLean; 3rd Jodie, Mya Morrison; 4th Killeshin Bambino, Taylor McKnight; 5th Paco, Eve O’Neill; 6th Lottie, Erin McCoy.


Dengie Debut Qualifiers

O’Hara’s Dream, Katelyn Irvine; A Class Act, Anna McLean; Colour Confusion, Abbie Wylie.



1st Belville Kate, Benjamin Gilmore; 2nd Glenford Starlight, Bethany Gordon; 3rd Dawn, Lana Turner; 4th Pippa, Cora McNulty.


Dengie Winter League Qualifier

Belville Kate, Benjamin Gilmore



1st Glenford Starlight, Bethany Gordon; 2nd Katie, Benjamin Gilmore; 3rd Dawn, Lana Turner; 4th Pippa, Cora McNulty.