Inter Venue Tour Qualifier – 14.4.13

Sunday 14th April was the date for the Laurel View leg of the Inter Venue Tour.  A wind that meant business made things more than a little difficult for the organisers, particularly as the newly resurfaced outdoor arena was the location for the jumping on this occasion.


The show was very well supported despite the number of other choices on offer over the weekend, with competitors obviously keen to qualify for the fantastic prize fund to be competed for at the final on 4th May.


Inter Venue is on the calendar again at Laurel View on Sunday 23rd June as part of the next league, the Inter Venue Challenge.  For more details see the Inter-venue tour 2013 Facebook page.




Inter Venue Tour – 14.4.13



Double Clears: – Fitzpatrick, Christine Cuthbertson; Katie, Joan Adrain.

Other competitors: – Chestnut Hill, Anne Hill; Beau, Laura Kinnear; Nongsooh, Lucy O’Keefe; Ronnie, Sarah McConnell; Laurel View Jonny, Rachael Ferguson; Vera, Leanne Nesbitt; Gem, Bree Rutledge.



Double Clears: – Jewel, Leah Knight; Jenny T, Cathy Quigg; Polly, John Kilgore; Merlin, Lesley McDowell; Ronnie, Sarah McConnell.

Other competitors: – Will, William Thompson; Lucy Lou, Joanne Martin; Spirit, Deborah Geddis; Lyleview Martell, Lesley Wilson; Sky Cruise, Karen Heron; The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; Tilly, Ursula Bamford; Rosie, Emma Brady; Carter, Uli Niens; Milo, Leah Knight; Penny, Katie McClay; Nongsooh, Lucy O’Keefe; Ollie, Darren Rodgers; Vera, Leanne Nesbitt; Molly, Teri McAllister; Rooster, John Steele.



1st Oscar, Conor Stevenson; 2nd Ferro, Grace McGarry; 3rd Rosie, Emma Brady; 4th Polly, John Kilgore; 5th Temple Samiro, Rachael Coulson; 6th Tycoon, Ashleigh Irvine.

Other competitors: – The Diamond Duchess, Donna Barron; Cal, Lynn Daniel; Zorro, Jenna Killen; Truly, Jacqui Hanna; Bobby Socks, Melanie Moorhead; Gerry, Joan Adrain; Totally Yours, Courtney Lewis; Wills, Amy Neill; Tilly, Ursula Bamford; Kid Cashel, Emmet Tunney; Bud, Sarah Kinnear, Ringfort Caruso, Rachael McConnell.



1st Graf Curog, Rebecca McConnell; 2nd Great Spirit, Lucy Mulligan; 3rd Beechburn Lass, Keith McDonald; 4th Temple Samiro, Erin Coulson; 5th Pure Inspiration, Naomi Duncan; 6th Coco, Lucy Hamilton.

Other competitors: – Truly, Jacqui Hanna; Truly Unruly, Nikita Cochrane; Lachain Easy, Gemma Goodrich; Dillon, Kirsty Ferris; Totally Yours, Courtney Lewis; Ronnie, Kirsty Ferris; Lisnasharragh, Keith McDonald; Wendy, Laura Warde; Concertina, Emmet Tunney; Autumn Cruise, Lorraine Leavesley.



1st AC, Melanie Geddis; 2nd JD, Melanie Geddis; 3rd Great Spirit, Lucy Mulligan; 4th Graf Curog, Rebecca McConnell; 5th Lachain Easy, Gemma Goodrich.



1st Univar; Natasha Adrain.



No competitors forward.