Inter Venue Qualifier – 23.6.13

Sunday 23rd June saw the Laurel View leg of the second Inter Venue Tour. A rather depressing weather forecast had convinced the course building team that indoors was the only sensible option for the competition. Sadly their foresight was indeed justified, but happily the day proceeded smoothly and dryly utilising both indoor arenas.


Taking home the red ribbons from the Laurel View leg were Paula McIlwrath and Spice, Kerry Taylor and Marvin the Martian; Caroline Black and Dan, while Jackie Hanna and Cora managed to do the double.  Who will be on the prize winners at the final?




Inter Venue Tour – 23.6.13



1st Spice, Paula McIlwrath; 2nd Leanne Wilson, Vera; 3rd Jimmy Choo, Roberta Bradbury; 4th Polly, Jill Stewart; 5th Oscar Rua, Siobhan Black; 6th Chestnut Hill, Anne Hill.



1st Marvin the Martian, Kerry Taylor; 2nd Going Places, Lauren Beck; 3rd Vera, Leanne Wilson; 4th Chestnut Hill, Anne Hill; 5th Laurel View Cherry, Claire Gilchrist; 6th My Blue Eyed Boy, Sasha Wilson.



1st Dan, Caroline Black; 2nd Marvin the Martian, Kerry Taylor; 3rd My Blue Eyed Boy, Brooke Ronan; 4th Bing, Lauren Park; 5th Indian Skye, Rebecca Carroll; 6th Carter, Uli Niens.



1st Cora, Jackie Hanna; 2nd Katie, Katie Connor; 3rd Bing, Lauren Park; 4th Romeo, Zara Colhoun; 5th Marvin the Martian, Kerry Taylor.



1st Cora, Jackie Hanna; 2nd Katie, Katie Connor; 3rd Devil in Disguise, Taryn Swanepoel.



1st Rockrimmon Dream Catcher, Amy Lewers.




No competitors forward.