Indoor Derby League (2 of 5) – 5.1.14

What a day? The second leg of the Indoor Derby League was the first Laurel View competition of 2014 and what a start it was! The wind and rain was blowing outside, but in the Laurel View indoor arenas things were buzzing.


Despite a high percentage of eliminations in the 60cm class, competitors seemed to enjoy the challenge the derby course presented.  Claire Dobbin and Louie rode a smashing clear round to win 1st place outright (excellent work as Claire and Louie won 1st place at the first league competition as well!) The 2nd and 3rd was sorted out in the jump off, when Sarah Irwin and Lady put the pedal to the metal and clocked the faster time ahead of Sophie Winn and Wiz of Oz.


A very strong 70cm class kept the judges and arena party busy.  There were quite a number of clear rounds to give the arena party a little bit of a breather. When it came to the inevitable jump off, it was again Sarah Irwin who pulled out all the stops, this time riding Jill into the top spot. Coming in just a few seconds slower Skylark and Kathy Delargy came a very worthy second, especially considering they had been out of action in the jumping arena for all of 2013, so an excellent start to the New Year for them too.


Many of the competitors in the 85cm class must have used their time well learning the course as seven competitors went to the jump off with a clean jump sheet. In the end it was a bit of a family affair for the top four places. Charlotte Harding and Killaney Prince slipped round quickest, just faster than her big sister, Justine Harding riding My Gypsy Rose. It was cousin Rebecca McConnell and Jewels that took the third place rosette, just ahead of Justine riding Lucy Bready.


Over the metre course only Lisa Dundee and Robbie made it round clear, securing the red rosette for the class. It took the jump off before Katie McKay and Legend could claim the blue ribbon.


Snapping away as the competitors whizzed past was the Equi-Tog photographer, to see what pictures he has on record of the competition just email your details to


The next leg of the Indoor Derby League is set to take place on 2nd February, again with a 12.30pm start time. Once more the 60cm competitors will get the chance to take on the challenges the course presents first, before the fences go up, up, up!



Derby (2 of 5)



60cms – 1st Louie, Claire Dobbin; 2nd Lady, Sarah Irwin; 3rd Wizard of Oz, Sophie Winn; 4th Tootsie, Lara Kelly.


70cms – 1st Jill, Sarah Irwin; 2nd Skylark, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Hatti, Megan Norton; 4th The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 5th Harry Hoot, Christine Burns; 6thFoxi, Paula McIlwrath.


85cms – 1st Killaney Prince, Charlotte Harding; 2nd My Gypsy Rose, Justine Harding; 3rd Jewels, Rebecca McConnell; 4th Lucy Bready, Justine Harding; 5th Vinny, Jenny Campbell; 6th Lady, Helen Cunningham.


1m – 1st Robbie, Lisa Dundee; 2nd Legend, Katie McKay; 3rd Roshanna, Mikey Healy; 4th Schuey, Rachael Black; 5th Chocolate Chip, Sabrina McAnulty; 6th Dolly, Kerry Taylor.