Indoor Derby League Final – 6.4.14

Adrenaline is always in plentiful supply, particularly at the final of the league when it all comes down to the jump off and the Laurel View Indoor League Final on 6th April was no exception.


Claire Dobbin and Louie, rode a lovely clear round over the 60cm course and kept it quick and clean in the jump off, to earn the red rosette for the day, but more importantly take home the rosette and the stash of cash for coming top of the league class. Second on the day by a second or two in the jump off were Penny and Lucy Savage.


Claire Dobbin on Louie

Claire Dobbin on Louie


A very strong seventies class had the competitors working very hard to earn the class rosettes. Lucy Savage and Rodney kept their feet up and the pedal down all the way to take the top spot in the class. Kathy Delargy and Starlight Express took the jump off at a slightly slower pace, but still fast enough to take the red league rosette and the lion’s share of the cash. Third on the day, but still second in the league, Megan Norton and Hatti also went home a little richer as did Miriam Wright and The Castletown Lad for being placed third in the league.


Kathy Delargy and Skylark Express

Kathy Delargy and Skylark Express


Kerry Taylor rode Dolly clear over the 85cm course, as did Kathy Delargy and Starlight Express, but when it came to the jump off, Kathy and Starlight Express picked up some faults, meaning that Dolly and Kerry’s faultless performance earned them the red rosette.  Neither of the top two riders on the day were league qualifiers, meaning that Sarah Irwin riding Jill, who took third on the day was the main league cash winner.  Sharing some of the stash was Alison Larkham and Fairy Lodge Gold who finished second in the 85cm league.

Sarah Irwin and Jill top the 85cm league

Sarah Irwin and Jill top the 85cm league


None of the metre competitors managed to finish clear over their course.  When it came to the jump off it was Schuey and Rachael Black who came out on top and as a league qualifier took home the biggest chunk of cash.  Faults in the jump off cost Katie McKay and Legend the top spot, but they didn’t go home empty handed either.


Schuey and Rachael Black on winning form

Schuey and Rachael Black on winning form


At the end of another enjoyable derby league, big thanks to all the competitors for their participation, not forgetting all the staff and helpers for keeping things going and  to the Equi-Tog photographer for capturing the action on the day.

Now that summer is approaching, (hopefully!) the derby action moves outdoors for the first leg of the next league on Sunday 11th May.  This league will be run on grass when possible, but if ground conditions are not up to scratch the show will go on, on the all-weather outdoor arena. As ever for Derbys the start time is 12.30pm, starting with the 60cm course. How much cash will be built up for the league qualifiers to vie for at the final on the 14th September?  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to qualify, keep an eye on this website for the upcoming derby dates.



Derby 5 of 5



60cms – 1st Louie, Claire Dobbin; 2nd Penny, Lucy Savage; 3rd Dolly Mixture, Paige Stewart; 4th Jeronamo, Emma-Louise Gourley; 5th Molly, Roberta Bradbury; 6th Alfie, Louise Beggs.


70cms – 1st Rodney, Lucy Savage; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Hatti, Megan Norton; 4th The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 5th Penny, Katie McClay; 6th Maggie, John Hughes.


85cms – 1st Dolly, Kerry Taylor; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Jill, Sarah Irwin; 4th Trevor, Hannah Whittle; 5th Fairy Lodge Gold, Alison Larkham.


1m – 1st Schuey, Rachael Black; 2nd Legend, Katie McKay; 3rd Roshannah, Michael Healy.



League Results


60cms League – 1st Louie, Claire Dobbin


70cms League – 1st Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 2nd Hatti, Megan Norton; 3rd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 4th tie Addy, Sophie McGuckin and Foxi, Paula McIlwrath.


85cms League – 1st Jill, Sarah Irwin; 2nd Fairy Lodge Gold, Alison Larkham.


1m League – 1st Schuey, Rachael Black; 2nd Legend, Katie McKay.