Indoor Derby League (4 of 5) – 27.1.13

The fourth leg of the Laurel View Indoor Derby League took place on the 27th January, with the derby course having the usual variety of twists and turns to test the riders’ navigational skills, as well checking out their balance and saddle stickability!


There was no stopping Louie and Claire Dobbin over the 60cm course, with a super clear round.  Thizbee and Megan Ingram took the second place spot after picking up a few faults.


Winning combo!

The Castletown Lad and Miriam Wright took the number one spot in the 70cm class for the second time in the league, with a great clear round to start and then a quick, clean jump off.  Megan Ingram and Thizbee must have warmed up nicely over the 60cm course as they rode a super clear round to take them to the jump off, when they lost a few points under pressure.  It took a jump off to sort out third and fourth place honours, always more of a crowd pleaser when a jump off is called for.


Onwards and upwards to the 85cm class and here it was Lucy Hanna and Rumba that had the moves to take them to the top spot, they kept the feet well off the ground to win the jump off over Kelly McDonald on Holly. Third to sixth place was decided between the 4 faulters in another interesting jump off.


No jump off required in the metre class sadly but Laura Warde and Wendy earned their first place rosette all the same.  They also secured a qualifying status for the final on Sunday 3rd March, as have all the competitors who have made it to compete at the Indoor Derby League at least once over this winter.  The final competition commences at 12.30pm with the 60cms, before moving on up through the league classes.  All competitors, whether qualified or not will be made most welcome and have the chance to compete for the class rosettes on the day.  But to compete for the stash of cash accumulated over the league competitors must have qualified as stipulated. Who will go home with the winnings?



Derby (4 of 5) – 27.1.13



1st Louie, Claire Dobbin; 2nd Thizbee, Megan Ingram.



1st The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 2nd Thizbee, Megan Ingram; 3rd Danny, Barbara Hanna; 4th Maddie, Cathal Hurrell; 5th Magic, Claire Robinson; 6th Marvin, Kerry Taylor.



1st Rumba, Lucy Hanna; 2nd Holly, Kelly McDonald; 3rd Rosie, Tamara McErlain; 4th Henry, Hannah Finlay; 5th Star, Kerry Taylor; 6th Marley, Donna Dawson.



1st Wendy, Laura Warde.