Indoor Derby League (4 of 5) – 16.3.14

The Laurel View Derby course has certainly seen busier days than it saw on the eve of St Patricks Day.  All the same, the competitors who were there to give it a go made the most of the opportunity.


Over the 60cm fences Claire Dobbin and Louie didn’t let anyone stand in their way, winning first place with a super clear round.  Alfie and Louise Beggs had a little hiccup at fence nine picking up 4 faults and the blue rosette.


The 70cms saw some splendid clear rounds, but also a couple of steeds making hard work out of the course. The clear rounds competitors went on to the adrenaline building jump off, clearing those fences too and leaving the rosette order down to time. Fastest over the finish line were Foxi and Paula McIlwrath.  Midnight Maddie and Ruth O’Doran only a second or two slower took the second place slot.


Courtney Goudie and Little Boy Blue may have been the only clear round finisher over the 85cms course, but the calibre of their performance more than earned them their red rosette.


Ruth O’Brien and Shantara’s Girl gave a smashing performance clearing the metre course to take the red rosette. Four faults on the score sheet cost Calico Lass and Jessica Perry the number one spot.


The final of this Indoor Derby League will be here before you know it on Sunday 6th April.  All competitors are welcome to come along and compete at the final, the more the merrier and every entry paid puts another couple of pounds into the cash prize fund for that class.  Who will take home the cash is anyone’s guess?  The action gets underway at 12.30pm, starting with the 60cm course.  Then things will go on up through 70 and 85cm before finishing with the metre track.


To find out more about this competition and perhaps check the dates for the upcoming Outdoor Derby League add this site to your bookmarks.



Derby 4 of 5



60cms – 1st Louie, Claire Dobbin; 2nd Alfie, Lousie Beggs.


70cms – 1st Foxi, Paula McIlwrath; 2nd Midnight Maddie, Ruth O’Doran; 3rd Paisley, Nicky McRandle; 4th Little Boy Blue, Courtney Goudie; 5th Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy.


85cms – 1st Little Boy Blue, Courtney Goudie.


1m – 1st Shantara’s Girl, Ruth O’Brien; 2nd Calico Lass, Jessica Perry; 3rd Loui Vitton, Rachel Baxter; 4th Wills, Amy Neill.