Indoor Derby League (3 of 5) – 2.2.14

The rain stopped and the sun came out for the third leg of the Laurel View Indoor Derby League on the second of the second.


Sixties were the first to get things swinging and competitors got excellent value for their money as jump offs were needed to decide the results. A quick clear jump off sealed the deal for Claire Dobbin and Louie taking first place, while The Story Teller and Sasha Wilson picked up faults in the jump off to leave them in the second place slot.


The top six competitors all made it clear over the 70cm course.  Even over the jump off course these riders kept things clean, with not a fault on the score sheet! So in the end it all came down to speed and quickest over the line on the day were Sarah Irwin and Jill. Hatti and Megan Norton were only a fraction slower leaving them with the blue rosette.


The 85 course was not quite as clear cut, keeping the arena party busier. The adrenaline kept flowing right to the end of the jump offs which saw Ella Boyle and Roo emerging victorious, a second or two ahead off Ellie May and Jennifer McIlwrath.


The metre class brought the day to a very satisfactory conclusion, even though everyone picked up a fault or two. Christina Rossbottom and Misty came out of top of the class, with Ella Boyle and Roo just a hop behind.


The Equi-Tog photographer was on hand to record the competitors for posterity as they tackled the twists and turns of the well-built course.


The next and fourth leg of the Indoor Derby League is on the calendar for 16th March with the final scheduled for 6th April. Both will have a 12.30pm start time and will start with the 60cm competitors first, before moving up through 70, 85 and finally the metre courses. The cash prize fund (£2 from each entry paid) is building up very well and at the final will be divided up between the winning league class winners. To qualify for the chance to compete you must have ridden the same horse/pony in the same class at least twice in the current league before the final.



Derby (3 of 5)



60cms – 1st Louie, Claire Dobbin; 2nd The Story Teller, Sasha Wilson; 3rd Jarvis, Nicky McCrandle; 4th Holiday Candlelight, Christine Murray.


70cms – 1st Jill, Sarah Irwin; 2nd Hatti, Megan Norton; 3rd Foxi, Paula McIlwrath; 4th The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 5th Colorado, Susan Sloan; 6th Paddy, Gareth McClean.


85cms – 1st Roo, Ella Boyle; 2nd Ellie May, Jennifer McIlwrath; 3rd Colours R Us, Mimi Joffroy; 4th Schuey, Rachel Black; 5th Ducky, Rachel Lambe; 6th Jill, Sarah Irwin.


1m – 1st Misty, Christina Rossbottom; 2nd Roo, Ella Boyle; 3rdDucky, Rachel Lambe; 4th Ellie May, Jennifer McIlwrath.