Indoor Derby League (2 of 6) – 16.11.14

November 16th was the date, Laurel View the venue and Derby competition was the reason.


As ever the Laurel View course building team had built a course to test and tease the competitors, but nothing too tricky to deter the green and baby horses from having a go too.


Sixties riders got things off to a good start with a jump off required to sort the clear round competitors at the finish. Louie and Claire Dobbin flew round the jump off course taking the red ribbon, with the blue for Simon Wylie and Schumi.


In the seventies only a few made it round clear, when it came to their jump off they all picked up 4 faults but it was Nick Jordan on board Darcy that made it over the finish line quickest. The Castletown Lad and Miriam Wright where only a shade slower in second place.


Eagerly things moved up to the 85cm course and again there was a good number navigated the course clearly, so once again the jump off was required to sort the top positions. With a fast and faultless performance, Peadar McLaughlin and Murphy secured the top spot. Laura Sloan and Quida, took it more steady and sure to take second place.


Onwards and upwards to the metre course, were Peadar again pulled out all the stops to steer Kianna cleanly round the course winning the number one spot outright.  Kathy Delargy and Skylark Express earned themselves the blue rosette for their metre course ride.


December derby action is scheduled for Sunday 14th December, there is sure to be some of Santa’s helpers peeping round the fences to give the course a Christmas feel. Things are set to start with the 60cms at 12.30pm.


Thanks to all the team who are responsible for setting up and running the derby and for the competitors who come along to reward us with their participation. Don’t forget you have the opportunity to capture the action by contacting


keep an eye on or give us a bell on 028 9083 0649.



Derby 2 of 6



60cms – 1st Louie, Claire Dobbin; 2nd Schumi, Simon Wylie; 3rd Brave Encounter, Nicky Nesbitt.


70cms – 1st Darcy, Nick Jordan; 2nd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 3rd Malachi, Jodie Creighton; 4th Gizmo, Jodie Creighton; 5th Oscar Too, Sarah Morcombe; 6th Lily, Alison Larkham.


85cms – 1st Murphy, Peadar McLaughlin; 2nd Quida, Laura Sloan; 3rd Morgan, Cherie McHugh; 4th Ludo, Hilary Redmond; 5th Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 6th Lexi, Lauren Bell.

1m – 1st Kianna, Peadar McLaughlin; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy.