Indoor Derby League (1of 5) – 23.9.12

September 23rd was the beginning of the Laurel View Indoor Derby League. The course as usual was built to test riders mental abilities and their horses physical agilities.


Things got going with the 60cm, a few didn’t make it all the way round and the only rider with clear rounds was Roberta Bradbury who then had to jump off her two horses to decide which got the red rosette, in the end it was Jimmy Choo who jumped clear in the jump off to claim the red.


Over the 70cm it was Donna Barron and Dutchess’ day, when they jumped clear quickest in the jump off, second went to Sarah Cuthbertson on Chance.


Up to the 85cm and still enough clears to warrant a jump off and when the last hoof had cleared the fence, Julia Lyttle and Zora Azoo was declared the winner even though Skylark Express and Kathy Delargy gave them a good run for their money.


Only one rider over the metre course, but Julia Lyttle and Zora Azoo still managed to show a clean pair of heels.




1st Jimmy Choo, Roberta Bradbury; 2nd Molly, Roberta Bradbury; 3rd Lass, Louise Craig.


1st Dutchess, Donna Barron; 2nd Chance, Sarah Cuthbertson; 3rd Fred, Lisa Dundee; 4th Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 5th Domino, Jacqui Lewis; 6th Fitz, Christine Cuthbertson.


1st Zora Azoo. Julia Lyttle; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Ozzy, Lisa Dundee; 4th Star, Kerry Taylor.


1st Zora Azoo, Julia Lyttle