Halloween Show 5.11.23

Lots of ghosts, witches and ghouls turned up for the 2023 Halloween Show at Laurel View and then there was an equine identifying as an ovine and a kangaroo too, so a really eclectic collection of competitors, who all appeared to have one thing in common, to have some fun tackling either the show jumping or obscacle courses.

Huge thanks to the great crowd of competitors and all their supporters for coming along to support the show, it makes the efforts of the Laurel View team all the more worthwhile.  

The Halloween Show roll of honour is below, if you didn’t make it into the top places at this show, don’t worry you could get another chance to shine at the Christmas Show on the 17th December. (But I don’t want to talk about it yet, just watch out for all the details to be posted on the 17th November.)

The eerily attired Equi-Tog team were lurking around the courses today, so keep an eye on www.equi-tog.com for the Halloween Show photos going up.


Obstacle Course

Class 1 – Lead Rein/Assisted

1st Lily, Adalyn Wallace; 2nd Guinness, Sarah Kirkpatrick; 3rd Polo, Penny Stitt; 4th Polo, Ruby McAllister; 5th Connie, Daniel Jenkins; 6th Connie, Olivia Shipman.

Class 2 – Rider under 13 years

1st Rab, Grace Jenkins; 2nd Lily, Maisie Wallace; 3rd Rab, Eva Bennett; 4th Keady, Emma Courtney; 5th Addy, Sophie Fulton; 6th Marley, Rylee McCartan.

Class 3 – Rider 13 years & over

1st Ben, Katie Dignan; 2nd Regi, Emily McNally; 3rd Willow, Lena Twardzicka; 4th Jupiter, Kacey Balmer; 5th Kenzie, Caoimhe Scullion; 6th Schumi, Sophia McKay.


Show Jumping

Class 4 – X Poles (led)

1st Kenilwood Annabelle, Luisa Langsford; 2nd Cody, Rebekah Todd; 3rd Robbie, Charlotte Morton.

Class 5 – X Poles (unled)

1st Muffin, Penelope Robinson; 2nd Timmy, Joe McKinty; 3rd Marley, Gabriella Jones; 4th Barney, Aoife Corrigan; 5th Guinness, Emily Shipman; 6th Murray, Lucy Johnston; 7th Addy, Anna McLean.

Class 6 – 30cm

1st Copper, Holly Hanvey; 2nd Slade, Rachel Bell; 3rd Marley, Sophie McAteer.

Class 7 – 45cm

1st Silver, Emer Dunlop; 2nd Goblet of Fire, Harlow Robinson; 3rd Summer, Katie O’Mahoney; 4th Ben, Sophia McKay; 5th Beauty, Ashley Wray; 6th tie Slade, Rachel Bell and Sweet Lady of Mystery, Zara Jones.

Class 8 – 55cm

1st Silver, Anna Kelly; 2nd Ben, Erin White.

Class 9 – 60cm

1st Diablo, Lucy Rooney; 2nd Harry Pony, Lucy Johnston; 3rd Robin De Niro, Holly Hamill; 4th Stocky, Ellen Acheson; 5th Johnny, Alice Lutton; 6th Sweet Lady of Mystery, Zara Jones.

Class 10 – 70cm

1st Sally, Isla McKinty; 2nd Jupiter, Kacey Balmer; 3rd Robin De Niro, Holly Hamill; 4th Copper, Kathy Harris; 5th Jeeves, Karen Ingram; 6th Copper, Holly Hanvey.


Fancy Dress

1st “Pony for Sale” – Isla McKinty and Mila; 2nd “Little Bo Peep” – Grace Coiley and Trixie; 3rd “Scarecrows” – Charlotte Morton and Robbie.