Halloween Show 3.11.19

At the 2019 Laurel View Halloween Show some looked like they had seen a ghost (possibly due to bumps in the night down a laundry chute!) others looked like they had stepped off the living dead film set and that was only the staff.

Competitors both human and equine (in many different guises) navigated round the tombstones and ghouls in the spooktacular obstacle course and leapt over the poles, pumpkins and poltergeists in the scary show jumping.

Hope this competition rounded off your Halloween nicely, thanks to competitors and their teams for supporting the show and to all the staff and helpers responsible for making it happen, hopefully you know who you are.

Check out the results if you dare.


Obstacle Course


Class 1 – Lead Rein

1st Millie, Jaden Farren; 2nd Stellar, Isla Hanna; 3rd Heather, Ana Goodrich; 4th Bruce Almighty, Olivia Hamill; 5th Snowflake, Caroline McKeown; 6th Daphne, Alec Goodrich.


Class 2 – Unassisted – rider under 13 years

1st Sparky, Alice Jones; 2nd Popcorn, Mark Ross; 3rd Guinness, Emma McClintock; 4th Bruce Almighty, Holly Hamill; 5th Guinness, Darcie Baguley; 6th Roly, Maisy Power.


Class 3 – Unassisted – rider 13 years & over.

1st Keady, Erin Johnston; 2nd Jasper, Georgia Rea; 3rd Barney, Elizabeth Nicholl; 4th Cindy, Katelyn Evans; 5th Toby, Rachel Bowles; 6th Augustus, Kristina Fryers.


Show Jumping


Class 4 – Cross poles (led)

1st Millie, Jaden Farren; 2nd Arvale Raindance, Kate McDowell; 3rd Belle, Faye Ayre; 4th Stellar, Isla Hanna; 5th Snowflake, Caroline McKeown; 6th Heather, Ana Goodrich.


Class 5 – Cross poles (unassisted)

1st Sparky, Hannah Kernohan; 2nd Sparky, Alice Jones; 3rd Dapple, Holly Ross; 4th Pepsi O’Brien, CJ O’Brien; 5th Scooby, Joanne Graham; 6th Ollie, Melanie Greer.


Class 6 – 30cm

1st Popcorn, Mark Ross; 2nd Sparky, Hannah Kernohan; 3rd Pepsi O’Brien, CJ O’Brien; 4th Ollie, Melanie Greer; 5th Keady, Ellie Braniff.


Class 7 – 45cm

1st Augustus, Alison Stewart; 2nd Guinness, Emma McClintock; 3rd Popcorn, Mark Ross; 4th Keady, Keira Montgomery; 5th Honey, Katie McClelland.


Class 8 – 55cm

1st Jack, Ashley Wray; 2nd Ginger, Rioghnach Murray; 3rd Ben, Zara Jones; 4th Jasper, Georgia Rea; 5th Marley, Eve McGreevy; 6th Jack, Ellen McGinley.


Class 9 – 60cm

1st Cindy, Katelyn Evans; 2nd Ginger, Rioghnach Murray; 3rd Brian, Tori O’Hara.


Class 10 – 70cm

1st Star Choice, Faith Black.


Fancy Dress

1st The Mummies – Jaden Farren on Millie.

2nd Wizard of Oz – Hannah, Max & Angela Kernohan with Laura.

3rd Evil dead cowboy – Georgia Rea and Jasper.