Halloween Show 2015 – 25.10.15

The Laurel View arenas had already been invaded by ghosts and witches before the many competitors turned up (many in magnificent fancy dress.) A spooktacular day was had by everyone resulting in the following list of worthy winners.

Halloween Show Results



Show Jumping

Class 1 – 45cms

1st Bruno, Ellie Templeton; 2nd Riverdale Lad, Lucy Bailie; 3rd Busby, Megan Carville; 4th Rab, Charley Adams; 5th Marley, Chloe Baxter; 6th Tyson, Niamh Sloan.

Class 2 – 60cms

1st The Big Show, Hannah Schnell; 2nd Busby, Megan Carville; 3rd Magherbans Star Gazer, Grace-Ann Elliott; 4th Alfie, Louise Beggs; 5th Bailie, Claire Gilchrist; 6th Tally, Monica Conlon.

Class 3 – 70cms

1st The Big Show, Hannah Schnell; 2nd Missy, Lauren Carville; 3rd Cherry, John Rymer; 4th Magic, Claire Robinson; 5th Pippa, Cora McNulty; 6th tie Sly, Katie McDonnell and Martini, Rebecca Gillen.

Class 4 – 80cms

1st Schumi, Simon Wylie; 2nd Sly, Katie McDonnell; 3rd Missy, Lauren Carville; 4th The Big Show, Hannah Schnell; 5th Diva Star, Sarah Bailie; 6th Magic, Claire Robinson.

Class 5 – 90cms

1st Smurf, Steven Wilson.


High Jump Competition

PonyPippa, Cora McNulty (1.05m)

HorseSmurf, Steven Wilson (1.35m)


Fancy DressUnder 13 years

Lucy Bailie and Riverdale Lad as the Grim Reaper

13 years & over

Grace- Ann Elliott and Magherbans Star Gazer, the Pumpkin.


Obstacle Course

Class 6 – Family Pony Lead Rein

1st Meadow, Harry Townsley; 2nd Rocky, Brogan Graham; 3rd Sparky, Grace Gillen; 4th Little Blue Beau, Keira McFarland; 5th Barney B, Penny McWhirter; 6th Poppy, Summer Townsley.

Class 7 – Family Pony Unassisted – rider under 13 years

1st Tom Boy, Gracie Bright; 2nd Connie, Evie Caldwell; 3rd Roly, Anna Magee; 4th Peggy, Cally McWhirter; 5th Bruno, Sasha Mateer; 6th Bob, Connie Duncan.

Class 8 – Family Pony Unassisted – rider 13 years & over

1st Oliver, Shannon Duffy; 2nd Magherbans Star Gazer, Grace-Ann Elliott; 3rd Tyson, Niamh Sloan; 4th Pippa, Cora McNulty.


Cradle Stakes

Class 9 – Cradle Stakes Lead Rein (30cms)

1st Little Blue Beau, Jolie Dalton; 2nd Poppy, Oliver Kinnear; 3rd Rocky, Brogan Graham; 4th Sparky, Grace Gillen; 5th Basil, Amelia Bannon.

Class 10 – Cradle Stakes Unassisted (30cms)

1st Bruno, Sasha Mateer; 2nd Bob, Connie Duncan; 3rd Peggy, Cally McWhirter; 4th Connie, Evie Caldwell; 5th Skipper, Stephanie Fox.