Festive Derby Day – 13.12.15

What a cracking Christmas afternoon of Derby fun? Some pulled out all the stops and steered their steed smartly round the course, others had a little more diffs with sat nav and premature dismounts, but it all helped to bring festive cheer to Laurel View this afternoon.

The class winners are listed below, all justifiably pleased with their placing, some even more so when they found out they earned cash prize money as well. 🙂


1st Busby, Megan Carville; 2nd Socks, Sasha Bain; 3rd Delilah, Karen Brown; 4th Sponge Bob, Rebecca McKinstry; 5th Tyson, Niamh Sloan; 6th tie Tally, Sarah Carlile and Laura, Kirsten Davis.



1st Tootsie, Zara Smyth; 2nd Silver Star, Simone Cairns; 3rd Tilly, Claire Smyth; 4th Busby, Megan Carville; 5th Missy, Lauren Carville; 6th Ishka, Hannah Jennison.



1st Bella, Tara Murphy; 2nd Tootsie, Zara Smyth; 3rd Tilly, Claire Smyth; 4th Uccello, Oliver Edwards; 5th Missy, Lauren Carville; 6th Tick-It, Tara Murphy.



1st Tick-It, Tara Murphy