Easter Show – 7.4.24

It seemed that Storm Kathleen wanted to hang around for the Laurel View Easter Show even though she should have blew through by Saturday night, but the great crowd of competitors didn’t let “her” deter them. Wind rattling the roller doors added an additional obstacle for the “Eggstacle Course.” The competitors dashed around the daffodils, avoided the animals (stuffed toy variety) around the course and paced carefully around the poles to prevent penalty points being added to their time. Those that took the top spots are listed below. Keep an eye on the Equi-Tog website for the competition photos 🙂

Mid morning and the Hop over it show jumping got underway in the main indoor arena. A crowd of spectators showed their support for the competitors as they navigated their way around the jumps. Some partnerships were in top form, jumping clear in good style, earning the rosettes and prizes.

Fabulous to see a large number of the Laurel View students taking part on the riding school horses and ponies, many appearing in the top spots too. It will probably be quicker than we would like that the Halloween & Christmas Shows will come around on the 3rd November and 15th December respectively. 

Huge thanks to all the competitors for coming along to take part at the show and to all the Laurel View team responsible for setting up and running what proved to be an excellent Easter competition. 

The next show on the Laurel View calendar is the Working Hunter Show for horses and ponies on Sunday 21st April. The working hunter show is pre entry to allow allocation of times, entries are open right up until 8pm on Thursday 18th April, but for now we shall give the Easter Show winners their moment. 


Easter Show



Eggstacle Course


Class 1 – Assisted Chick (Lead Rein)

1st Muffin, Penelope Robinson; 2nd Connie, Eva McCall; 3rd Lily, Adalyn Wallace; 4th Dusty, Caroline McKeown; 5th Ollie , Sophia Traynor; 6th Connie, Joey Zhang.


Class 2 – Junior Bunnies

1st Ollie, Maya McCalmont; 2nd Jamie, Mya McKay; 3rd Lily, Maisie Wallace; 4th Marley, Emily Shipman; 5th Addy, Zara Millar; 6th Basil, Evie McCracken.


Class 3 – Senior Rabbits

1st Kim, Flora Campbell; 2nd Molly, Darragh Martin; 3rd Regi, Emily McNally; 4th Lily, Erin Johnston; 5th Harry, Emer Dunlop.


Class 4 – Hot Cross Poles #1 – X Poles (led)

1st Ollie, Sophia Traynor; 2nd Lily, Adalyn Wallace; 3rd George, Stanley Mullen; 4th Dusty, Caroline McKeown; 5th Muffin, Penelope Robinson.


Class 5 – Hot Cross Poles #2 – X Poles (unled)

1st Molly, Darragh Martin; 2nd Silver, Grace Jenkins; 3rd Regi, Takara Ferguson; 4th Murray, Lucy Johnston; 5th Marley, Maisie Hutton; 6th Lily, Maisie Wallace.


Class 6 – Bunny Hop – 30cm

1st Marley, Gabriella Jones; 2nd Molly, Darragh Martin; 3rd George, Dominic Mullen; 4th Ollie, Maya McCalmont; 5th Lacey, Hannah McCammond; 6th Barney, Aoife Corrigan.


Class 7 – Big Bunny Bounce – 45cm

1st Ben, Katie Dignan; 2nd Holly, Harlow Robinson; 3rd Bella, Libby Healy; 4th Silver, Sophie McAteer; 5th Basil, Evie McCracken; 6th Ben, Anna Kelly.


Class 8 – Fifty Five Frolic – 55cm

1st Jack, Lorraine Cardwell; 2nd Bella, Libby Healy; 3rd Holly, Harlow Robinson; 4th Silver, Lena Twardzicka; 5th Beauty, Ashley Wray; 6th Basil, Evie McCracken.


Class 9 – Sixties Spring – 60cm

1st Harry, Lucy Johnston; 2nd Fairylodge Gold, Erin Johnston; 3rd Jeeves, Mia Federer.


Class 10 – Seventies Hop – 70cm

1st Belle, Claire Gilchrist; 2nd Benatar’s Hurdler, Cassie McMaw; 3rd Fairylodge Gold, Erin Johnston; 4th Harry, Lucy Johnston; 5th Kim, Flora Campbell; 6th Hallie, Maisy Lindsay.