Easter Show 2018 – 8.4.18

Lots of eggstra special Easter fun at Laurel Views annual Easter Show, everyone from little chicks to the senior rabbits seemed to enjoy the “Eggstacle Course” and the “Hop Over It” Show Jumping. 

Huge thanks to everyone for coming along to compete and to all the super helpers who did their utmost to keep the show running along smoothly. Some super performances earned riders and their steeds the trophies for the top spots. Easter treats for everyone taking part and rosettes for all who gave the obstacle course, cross poles and 30cm a go. 

Crack open an Easter Egg and peruse the long list of results below at your leisure.

Easter Show



“Eggstacle Course”


Class 1 – “Assisted Chick” – Lead Rein

1st Millie, Jaden Farren; 2nd Stellar, Isla Hanna; 3rd Boba, Harvey Ross; 4th Jackie Boy, Lizzie Taylor; 5th Bob, Faith Stitt-Gray; 6th Basil, Poppy Bannon.


Class 2 – “Junior Bunnies” – Unassisted – rider under 13 years

1st Marley, Georgia Rea; 2nd Henry, Cayleigh Erwin; 3rd Sparky, Alex Moore; 4th Bruno, Natasha Sweeney; 5th Bob, Holly Hamill; 6th Marley, Laura Laughlin.


Class 3 – “Senior Rabbits” – Unassisted – rider 13 years & over.

1st Rab, Helen Gage; 2nd Johnny, Stephen Wade; 3rd Keady, Orla Robinson.


Class 4 – “Egged on!” – Obstacle course in hand.

No entries forward



“Hop Over It!” Show Jumping


Class 5 – “Hot Cross Poles!” – Cross poles

1st Bruno, Natasha Sweeney; 2nd Toby, Brooke Taggart; 3rd Belle, Lucas Young; 4th Pete, Zara McConnell; 5th Molly, Ana Goodrich; 6th Boba, Harvey Ross.


Class 6 – “Bunny Hop” – 30cm

1st Roly, Emme Morrison; 2nd Toby, Brooke Taggart; 3rd Pete, Zara McConnell; 4th Bruno, Alara Terak; 5th Keady, Tori Jones; 6th Bob, Chloe Chesney.


Class 7 – “Big Bunny Bounce” – 45cm

1st Rab, Helen Gage; 2nd Roly, Emme Morrison; 3rd Marley, Georgia Rea; 4th Barney, Rebecca Braniff; 5th Bob, Holly Hamill; 6th Henry, Cayleigh Erwin.


Class 8 – “Fifty Five Frolic” – 55cm

1st Star Choice, Faith Black; 2nd Colorado, Susan Sloan; 3rd Penny, Ella Lindsay; 4th Toffee, Eve Lindsay; 5th Delilah, Karen Brown; 6th Henry, Cayleigh Erwin.


Class 9 – “Sixties Spring” – 60cm

1st Toffee, Ella Lindsay;2nd Dapple, Holly Ross; 3rd Henry, Ella Lindsay; 4th Solo Star, Skye Dawson; 5th Star Choice, Faith Black; 6th Delilah, Karen Brown.


Class 10 – “Seventies Hop” – 70cm

1st Toffee, Ella Lindsay;2nd Dapple, Holly Ross; 3rd Kate, Natasha Lowry; 4th Henry, Ella Lindsay; 5th Jumpingdale Smirnoff, Kelsey Taylor.