Easter Show 2013

A fun day was had by one and all when they hopped along to the Laurel View Easter Show on the 7th April.


Easter treats were in plentiful supply and so was the fun at this annual event, from little jumps for those with altitude issues, to accumulators and relays, not forgetting the obstacle course.


Plans have not been finalised for our next fun for all show, but if you keep watching this space then you will not miss out on the action.


Easter Show 2013 Results


Class 1 – Bunny Hop’s with help! (30cm)

1st Lola Lollipop, Lauren Fleming; 2nd Wee Mickey, Willow Dawson; 3rd Laurel View Roly, Ellie Templeton; 4th Theodore, Grace Morton; 5th Laurel View Bob, Chloe Baxter.


Class 2 – Bunny Hop (45cm)

1st Cracker, Kerri Thompson; 2nd Lola Lollipop, Lauren Fleming; 3rd Misty Dawn, Emma McWilliam; 4th Laurel View Silver, Savannah Thompson; 5th Laurel View  Tyson, Darci Harbinson; 6th Laurel View Keady, Emma Blair.


Class 3 – Novice Pony (60cm)

1st Luna, Donna Dawson; 2nd Cheeky Charlie, Demi Blair; 3rd Busby, Emma Ewing; 4th Sapphire Skye, Sophie Galloway; 5th Laurel View Silver, Savannah Thompson.


Class 4 – Open Pony (80cm)

1st Twinkle Toes, Demi Blair; 2nd Sapphire Skye, Sophie Galloway.


Class 5 – Pony Accumulator

1st Sapphire Skye, Sophie Galloway.


Class 6 – Pairs Relay

1st Star, Jim Taylor and Marvin, Kerry Taylor; 2nd Penny, Katie McClay and Tom, Sean McCavana; 3rd Bob, Anne Hill and Fitz, Christine Cuthbertson; 4th Addy, Sophie McGuckin and Marvin, Kerry Taylor.


Class 7 – Novice Horse (70cm)

1st Vera, Leanne Nesbitt; 2nd Bob, Anne Hill; 3rd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 4th Chance, Sarah Cuthbertson; 5th Peter, Josh Boyles; 6th Fitz, Christine Cuthbertson.


Class 8 – Open Horse (90cm)

1st Wendy, Laura Warde; 2nd Shandy, Angie O’Neill; 3rd Marvin, Kerry Taylor; 4th Charlie, Donna Pundzuite.


Class 9 – Horse Accumulator

1st Shandy, Angie O’Neill: 2nd Wendy, Laura Warde; 3rd Charlie, Donna Pundzuite; 4th Tom, Sean McCavana; 5th Penny, Katie McClay.


Class 10 – Family Pony Lead Rein

1st Theodore, Grace Morton; 2nd Wee Mickey, Willow Dawson; 3rd Tootle Peg, Riah McFaul; 4th Muffin, Jacob Lyle.


Class 11 – Family Pony

1st Misty Dawn, Emma McWilliam; 2nd Cracker, Kerri Thompson; 3rd Chief, Cora McNulty; 4th Busby, Emma Ewing; 5th Muffin, Kerri Thompson; 6th Sophie, Skye Dawson.


Class 12 – Young Handlers

1st Cracker, Kerri Thompson; 2nd Theodore, Grace Morton; 3rd Chief, Cora McNulty; 4th Busby, Emma Ewing; 5th Misty Dawn, Emma McWilliam; 6th Bob, Chloe Baxter.