Easter Show

Egging on at Laurel View Easter Show!!

Popular demand encouraged Laurel View to squeeze a fun Easter Show into their busy schedule on Good Friday.  And what a good day it was, good weather, good craic and good natured competition!

“Bunny Hops” got things going in the morning, with Joshua McBride and Pebble taking the first red of the day, with Alex McMaster and Melanie hopping into second place in the “with assistance” class. Darci Harbinson and Bruno cracked it in Class 2, just ahead of Kerry Taylor and Star.

Novice Pony was next on the schedule and the honours here went to Katie McDonald and Peggy, with Amy Neill and Poppy coming a close second.

The Horse classes commenced with the Pairs Relay and the top performing pair where mother and daughter team, Ann Hill and Jackie Hanna, riding Bob and Cora.

Red rosette for Rosie and Eimear White for the Novice Horse class over the 70cm course, with Caoimhe Drain and Giro steering into second.  Open Horse was up next, when daughter Jenny Hill on Rosie beat dad Billy Hill on Rocky.

The judges of the obstacle course were kept very busy for several hours in the big indoor arena getting through all the keen competitors.  Lead rein competitors led the action with

Willow Dawson manoeuvring Alfie Moon into first place, closely followed by Melanie with Alex McMaster on board.

No assistance was required for the next class with Savannah Thompson and Peggy coming out top of the class, with second place being awarded to Sparky and Victoria Jenkins.

Last class on the schedule was the Young Handler and here Cora McNulty exercised her control of Mathilda to take home the red rosette.  Amy McCready and Roly stylishly stepped into second.

The atmosphere round the arena was very supportive as the crowds relaxed in the Easter sunshine (at least until Peggy and her pilot decided to exit the arena over the gate!!)  A big thank you to all the staff and helpers who made the day possible, especially as normal Friday evening lessons continued after the show.

Lessons continued on Easter Saturday, then on Easter Sunday a large crowd of liveries, helpers and staff took the opportunity on a competition and lesson free day to hack to and ride round the Ballypalady farm, before returning to the yard to tuck into a barbecue.

Unfortunately Redhall Riding Club had not got enough pre entries to justify running their Indoor Derby on Easter Monday, so it was decided to run a rather impromptu Go As You Please around the cross country course, this was very well received and the perfect example of a silver lined cloud!

Other activities during the Easter “Holidays” were a Riding and Road Safety Exam and the pre course riding assessment for Stage 3 candidates.

For up-to-date details on any of the competitions and activities at Laurel View check out the website on www.laurelview.co.uk or give the office a ring on 028 9083 0649.


Easter Show – 23rd April 2011

Class 1 – “Bunny Hops with help!” (max. 30cms)

1st Pebble, Joshua McBride; 2nd Melanie, Alex McMaster; 3rd Laurel View Sparky, Christina Jenkins; 4th Maxie, Caitlin Irvine; 5th Laurel View Connie, Shannon Duffy; 6th tie Maxie, Ryan McDowell and Lucy, Grace Morton.

Class 2 – “Bunny Hop” (max. 45cms)

1st Laurel View Bruno, Darci Harbinson; 2nd Star, Kerry Taylor; 3rd Laurel View Paddy, Cora McNulty; 4th Pebbles, Rebecca McBride; 5th tie Laurel View Roly, Leah Baird and Flint, Sophie Winn.

Class 3 – Novice Pony (max. 60cms)

1st Laurel View Peggy, Katie McDonald; 2nd Poppy, Amy Neill; 3rd Flint, Connie Jordan; 4th Tinker, Joshua Boyles; 5th Laurel View Peggy, Savannah Thompson.

Class 4 – Open Pony (max. 80cms)

No entries forward

Class 5 – Pony Accumulator

No entries forward

Class 6 – Ponies &/or Horses Pairs Relay (novice 65cms & open 80cms)

1st Bob and Cora, ridden by Ann Hill and Jackie Hanna; 2nd Cherry and Penny, ridden by Kirsty Marsden and Katie McClay; 3rd Rosie and Tobias, ridden by Eimear White and Sasha Wilson; 4th Magic and Giro, ridden by Claire Robinson and Claire Gilchrist.

Class 7 – Novice Horse (max. 70cms)

1st Rosie, Eimear White; 2nd Laurel View Giro, Caoimhe Drain; 3rd Spring, Caitlin McFarlane; 4th Cherry, Kirsty Marsden; 5th The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 6th Laurel View Tally, Christina Mackeral.

Class 8 – Open Horse (max. 90cms)

1st Rosie, Jenny Hill; 2nd Rocky, Billy Hill; 3rd Laurel View Giro, Claire Gilchrist; 4th Cara, Nick Jordan; 5th Cora, Jackie Hanna.

Class 9 – Horse Accumulator

1st Wendy, Laura Warde; 2nd Cora, Jackie Hanna; 3rd Laurel View Giro, Claire Gilchrist; 4th Penny, Katie McClay.

Class 10 – Family Pony Lead Rein (obstacle course)

1st Alfie Moon, Willow Dawson; 2nd Melanie, Alex McMaster; 3rd Lou Lou, Grace Morton; 4th Lucy, Grace Morton; 5th Laurel View Sparky, Christina Jenkins; 6th Maxie, Ryan McDowell; 7th Laurel View Bruno, Olivia Humphrey; 8th Maxie, Caitlin Irvine; 9th Black Bertie, Skye Dawson.

Class 11 – Family Pony Unassisted (obstacle course)

1st Laurel View Peggy, Savannah Thompson; 2nd Laurel View Sparky, Victoria Jenkins; 3rd Laurel View Roly, Leah Baird; 4th Laurel View Sparky, Aine Drain; 5th Flint, Sophie Winn; 6th Laurel View Bruno, Alana Graham.

Class 12 – Young Handler (Lead pony round obstacle course)

1st Laurel View Mathilda, Cora McNulty; 2nd Laurel View Roly, Amy McCready; 3rd Laurel View Sparky, Aine Drain; 4th Barney, Ryan McDowell; 5th Laurel View Bruno, Alana Graham; 6th Laurel View Sparky, Victoria Jenkins.