Dressage Fundraising Day – 24.7.22

****TIMES UPDATED AT 8PM 21.07.21******

Thankyou everyone for your support – Sunday is set to be a spectacular event. Sponsors prizes and raffle prizes are in, and we can confirm they are AMAZING!

As this is a fundraising event can we please ask you bring CASH on the day!

We have only one arena running so if your time doesn’t work for you, please contact Angela on 07921661611 and we will endeavour make things work for everyone!

Looking forward to Sunday!


Elementary 59

9.00 Christine Newton Rebel 

9.06 Jacqui Lewis Dunore Fast and Furious


Novice 28

9.18 Diane O’Donavan Clarouse

9.24 Anna Desmond Ruby 

9.30 Jacqui Lewis Dunmore Fast & Furious 

9.36 Jackie Hanna Elamo Royal Diamond 


Freestyle Prelim 

10.05 Diane O’Donavan Clarouse 

10.15 Zara Jones Clady Water JJ 

10.25 Alice Jones Pippi Longstockings IV

10.35 Sophie Laverick Patrick 


Freestyle Open 

10.50 Jill Hobson Furisto 

10.55 Louise Cleland Maverick 


Prelim 2

11.24 Jackie Hanna Elamo Royal Diamond 

11.30 Katie Watt 

11.36 Katie O’Mahony Summer 

11.42 Darcie Baguley LV Rab 

11.54 Annabel Manson Lucky Lane Harry 

12.00 Sophie Laverick Patrick   

12.06 Casey McMaw LV Laura 

12.12 Louise Beggs Nanky Brooker Spain 

12.18 Simon Wylie Clyngim Sion 

12.24 Alice Kennedy Moystown Lass 

12.30 Anne Hill Blaze Tempo


Prelim 14 

12.48 Katie Watt  

12.54 Casey McMaw LV Laura 

1.00 Louise Beggs Nanky Brooker Spain 

1.06 Simon Wylie Clyngim Sion 

1.12 Claire Tollerton Fuzzy 

1.18 Rebecca Mullen Lily 

1.24 Christine Newton Jimmy 


Intro B 

1.42 Anne Hill Blaze Tempo 

1.48 Alice Kennedy Moystown Lass 

1.54 Zara Millar Lily 

2.00 Georgia Rea Jasper 

2.06 Rebecca McCrea Lady 

2.12 Kerri Pitman Royal Road 

2.18 Caoimhe Scullion Addy 

2.24 Katelyn Evans Rosie 

2.30 Emma Wallace Milo 

2.36 Kitty Spain Katie 

2.54 Alara Tarek Ossie Man 

3.00 Sophia McKay Ben 

3.06 Holly Hanvey Copper 

3.12 Georgia Rea Duke 

3.18 Takara Ferguson Lass 

3.24 Joanna McNamee Echo 

3.30 Debbie McLean Sunny 

3.36 Maisie Wallace Lily 

3.42 Sheila Barclay Amy 

3.48 Alex Wallace Ballyfore 

3.54 Lizzie Taylor Johnny 

4.00 Michelle Waring Molly