Derby Results (4 of 5) – 31.7.11

Jewel a gem for Lucy at Laurel View

Newbridge Jewel ridden by Lucy O’Keefe took the 60cm top spot after a jump off at the Derby on the last day of July. Being slightly slower over the finish line left Jan Dewhurst and Podge in second place.

Some more excitement in the seventies with another jump off to sort competitors out.  Charlotte Harding with Safety First (and just the right amount of speed!) romped into first place just ahead of Rosemary Traynor and Lucy.

Rachelle Harding on Mullentine Forest Flight and Simon Wylie on What a Wizard got another run round the 85cm course before Rachelle claimed the 1st prize.

The 1 metre was the last class of the day and was won outright by a lovely clear round by Rebecca McConnell on Winterfold Ivy. Jackie Hanna and Truly were just behind on 4 faults.

The next and final competition in the Summer Derby League is on Sunday 4th September, getting underway at 12.30pm with the 60cm class as always.

For more information on this competition, hire of the course for schooling or any of the other multitude of activities at Laurel View give the office a ring on 028 9083 0649.


Derby – 31.7.11

60 cm

1st Newbridge Jewel, Lucy O’Keefe; 2nd Podge, Jan Dewhurst; 3rd Polo, Helen Faulkner; 4th Sir Barney, Jenny Ferris; 5th The Ferryman, Sophie Winn.


1st Safety First, Charlotte Harding; 2nd Lucy, Rosemary Traynor; 3rd Definitely Maybe, Emma McQuilkin; 4th Elegant Lady, Samantha Trimble; 5th Present To You, Justine Harding; 6th Sylvester, Erin Faloona.


1st Mullentine Forest Flight, Rachelle Harding; 2nd What A Wizard, Simon Wylie; 3rd Orion, Emma Fleming; 4th Rock, Skip, and Jump, Rachelle Harding; 5th KMR Ronaldo, Kirsty Ferris.


1st Winterfold Ivy, Rebecca McConnell; 2nd Truly, Jackie Hanna; 3rd Zara, Jackie McKinney; 4th Wendy, Laura Warde.