Derby results (3 of 5) 3.7.11

Definitely Maybe top derby action at Laurel View

The 3rd of July was definitely a fabulous day with the sun making folk reach for the sun cream.  The heat of the day did not slow things down and romping home with a lovely clear round to secure first place over the 60cm course was Emma McQuilkin and Definitely Maybe.  Rosemary Traynor and Lucy took home 2nd place after picking up 4 faults on the way round.

Charlotte Harding and Safety First had the only clear round in the 70cm class so easily secured the first place slot.  A jump off for second ended up with Flash and Chloe Wright taking home the blue rosette.

No ease up in the 85cm class, but Chris Megahey and Sugar had a sweet ride to sail into 1st place, with Wendy and Laura Warde warding off others in a jump off to take 2nd.

Onto the metre and the burgers on the bbq must have been distracting the competitors as none of the competitors made it round without faults! Coming in fastest with least faults was Rosie Alcorn and Ace of Diamonds. Rosie also managed to score the second place on Fiorella.

The next leg of the Derby league is scheduled for Sunday 31st July, once again getting underway at 12.30pm.  Before that there is time for another Cross Country Go As You Please running from 12 noon – 4pm on Sunday 24th July.

Derby results – 3.7.11

60cm – 1st Definitely Maybe, Emma McQuilkin; 2nd Lucy, Rosemary Traynor; 3rd Speedy, Amy Torrens; 4th Polo, Helen Faulkner.

70cm – 1st Safety First, Charlotte Harding; 2nd Flash, Chloe Wright; 3rd Patience, Michelle Strange; 4th Lucy, Rosemary Traynor; 5th Sally, Martin Mellet.

85cm – 1st Sugar, Chris Megahey;2nd Wendy, Laura Warde; 3rd Dancer, Harold Megahey; 4th Rock, Skip and Jump, Rachelle Harding; 5th Diamond Cavalier, Jackie McKinney.

1m – 1st Ace of Diamonds, Rosie Alcorn; 2nd Fiorella, Rosie Alcorn; 3rd Lenny, Harold Megahey; 4th Chrissie, Louise Craig; 5th Runaway Rebel, Christine Newton; 6th Cappuccino’s Law, Amy Griffith.